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Bob Summers is an elderly man who first appear in the Season Twelve episode, "Britney's New Look".


In "Britney's New Look" he was seen as a resident of a small town that was among the many people in the country who wanted to make the "Britney sacrifice", he explains to Kyle that in ancient times they used to choose a lovely girl and treat her as a goddess and then watch her die. He is finally seen at the end of the episode with the crowd taking pictures of Britney Spears until she dies.

He later appeared in "Over Logging" where he is seen talking to Randy and others about the lack of internet.

He apparently moved to South Park, as he is seen in the retirement home in some recent episodes like "Hummels & Heroin" and "Time To Get Cereal".


Bob Summers has gray hair, thick gray eyebrows, big ears and a lot of wrinkles on his face. He wears a light blue coat with two side pockets, a white shirt underneath, a black belt with a gray buckle, brown pants and dark brown shoes. In "Over Logging" he wore a unbuttoned jacket over his coat and a cowboy hat with a black belt.