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Bob Johnson is one of Mayor McDaniels' aides. He and Janson help the mayor run South Park and serve on the City Council, and she is often known to claim his ideas as her own. Although he is briefly fired in "Volcano", he appears to be rehired in later episodes.


Like Ted, Johnson did not have many prominent appearances. They both debuted alongside Mayor McDaniels in "Weight Gain 4000", where they encouraged her to use Kathie Lee Gifford's appearance for publicity by decorating the town and holding school events. Johnson suggests hiring Jerome "Chef" McElroy to sing.

After his fellow aide, Ted died in "Night of the Living Homeless", Johnson was seen serving with Mayor McDaniels alone for the next few seasons including "The F Word" when he was photographed alongside her and the boys altering the law surrounding the slur.

In "Medicinal Fried Chicken", he was seen alongside a new aide, Janson, for the first time.

He spoke for the first time in several seasons in "The City Part of Town", when he is part of the committee dedicated to rejuvenating the town with SoDoSoPa and speaking at the press conference announcing it.

His first name is revealed in "Naughty Ninjas", when the City Council fires Officer Barbrady as a police officer. He refers to Johnson as "Bob" when mentioning that he had previously chased The 6th Graders for him, which makes Johnson roll his eyes. He refers to David Rodriguez as a 'Mexican' and needs to be corrected. He is also present when they try to rehire Barbrady, offering him to be a policeman again.


Johnson wears a black suit, a red tie, and a white undershirt. In addition to having brown hair, he has a bald spot on the back of his head.

In "Pajama Day", he wore blue and white checkered pajamas and brown slippers.


Johnson appears to be intelligent, often coming up with ideas for the Mayor which she later takes credit for. He has often encouraged her to form larger events for publicity and to create cheer in the town. He seems closer to her than the other aides, as she often speaks directly to him when examining a situation. He holds some outdated racial views, referring to Chef as "black as night" and referring to Latinos as 'Mexicans'.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

He is present with Mayor McDaniels and Janson at City Hall and will be available for a selfie upon completion of the Civil War mission.



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