This is just getting annoying. Ubisoft is literally testing us, just like when Capcom tested us with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. They're testing us to see how long we can wait out for a good game like this to come. They're literally dangling this game over our heads like as if we're infants that aren't allowed the gift we want. It's not like the original game which was delayed because THQ went bankrupt, this is being done so they can force you to purchase their other games, most of which nobody WANTS. Especially with Assassin's Creed being one of the games, which Ubisoft has milked to DEATH more than Kenny dying on the show! This bullshit makes me wonder if Ubisoft hired Corporate Commander from AngryJoe to schedule their games so he can literally say, "FUCK YOU, BUYERS OF UBISOFT GAMES, GIVE ME MONEY!"

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