Hello South Park fans.

I'm making this forum thread about something that is definitely not fun to talk about. I've been thinking about my future on this wiki for a long while. I kept toying with the idea of retiring, but never really wanted to do that until now. I didn't like the idea of retiring because it is supposed to be a permanent decision, which is why I took two or three month 'breaks' instead of retiring altogether. Even now I'm not 100% sure I want to leave this wiki without the intention of coming back, but it just doesn't work for me no matter how much I want to be here. Plus I feel like I'm letting down fellow users here because of my unpredictable pattern of activity.

Another issue is, as harsh as this sounds, I am not enthusiastic about this wiki anymore. It's not like we've run out of ideas on how to improve this wiki; there are still loads to do. I just cannot bring myself to work on something new here. When I first started working on South Park Archives, I was amazed at how dynamic this wiki was with its close-knit community. Now I don't feel excited to come here. We lost many valuable members; I cannot emphasise enough all the great things they've done for this wiki. However, I have faith in the rest of the administration team that I've been working with for, like, years. They're committed to keep this wiki a reliable source of information on South Park.

As of now, I plan to break my commitment to this wiki at the end of Season Eighteen. I don't even think it's fair for me to claim I'm an active administrator here anymore. To me I'm just taking the last necessary step of putting the "retired" template on my user page. From there I'll see how it goes. 

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