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"Board Girls"
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Episode no. Season 23
Episode 07
Production no. 2307
Original airdate November 13, 2019
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"Board Girls" is the seventh episode of Season Twenty-Three, and the 304th overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 13, 2019.[1]


The annual Strong Woman competition pushes everyone to their limits.[1]


PC Principal prepares Strong Woman for the Strong Woman Competition, only to be interrupted by the PC Babies, crying over Mulan.

PC Principal announces in a school assembly about Strong Woman entering the competition. Strong Woman then gives a speech to motivates the girls to enter school sports and clubs. This inspires Nichole and Tammy to join Dice Studz, the board game club run by Cartman. Since the club was only boys, Cartman tries to get rid of the girl by telling them they are playing Dungeons and Dragons, only for the girls to tell them they already have characters created.

At the Strong Woman Competition, David Perry speaks to Strong Woman about the new trans athlete competing. Strong Woman is inspired by the woman until David introduces Heather Swanson, the athlete. Identifying as a female only two weeks ago, Heather is very muscular and easily wins the competition, with Strong Woman coming second place. PC Principal tries to speak to Strong Woman about it being unfair, but she stops him since he might upset the PC babies.

After the girls manage to repeatedly beat the boys at the games by examining the rules, Cartman, Butters, and Scott speak to Mr. Mackey about changing the rules, but he refuses. The boys decide to try some harder, more thematic games after a suggestion from Stan. Unfortunately, thanks to YouTube tutorials, the girls are already more skilled at these games too.

Heather starts terrorizing Strong Woman for coming second place, calling PC Principal a transphobe when he tries to disagree. Strong Woman reveals to PC Principal that Heather was her ex-boyfriend and is trying to get revenge. When Heather speaks in an interview about Strong Woman, PC Principal interrupts him and tries to give a speech about the situation being difficult, but that we need to sometimes confront these issues. When Heather calls him a transphobe again, PC lightly pushes him, but Heather acts out and pretends to be really hurt.

Cartman, Scott, and Butters speak to the Colorado General Assembly to try to stop girls from joining the boys' clubs. After getting Scott to speak about his "terminal diabetes", the rule is passed, and the boys get to play board games on their own. Butters then comes in and shows them the girls' board games club, which is bigger and has better games. Mr. Mackey then tells the boys to get out of the girls' club due to the new rule.

After the news story breaks about PC Principal having a trans problem, PC sits alone, upset. He tells Strong Woman he cannot speak to his kids now and decides to make it right. The two speak to the school about Heather before introducing her. Heather boasts about being better than any other girl, only to be interrupted by Nichole, challenging her to board games against the girls. The girls manage to easily win all the board games, angering Heather, who only likes board games for thematic stuff. She then leaves, along with Cartman, who agrees with her.

Back at home, PC Principal confronts the babies, who are unfazed by the whole incident and still love him. The family plays together as the episode ends.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Board Girls" a "C-" rating saying: "If Heather is going to stick around for the rest of the season, it will be cringy at best. I’m honestly not holding my breath when it comes to there being any justifiable payoff for the introduction of this character. This episode left me wanting to go back to Tegridy Farm—at least there it seemed like the writers were within their range."[2]

IGN gave "Board Girls" a "7.4" rating saying: ""Board Girls" isn't the strongest installment of South Park's 23rd season, but it's a far more enjoyable episode than expected given how much it hinges on the return of the PC Babies. This one-note joke doesn't get better with age, but the combination of a silly pro wrestling parody and a renewed focus on characters like Stan and Cartman helps this episode succeed. It's a welcome change of pace after all that Tegridy."[3]


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