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The Bloody Sunday: The Dangers of Memeing Narrator appears in the Season Sixteen episode, "Faith Hilling".


A short educational video on the dangers of memeing is shown to the 4th Grade students by Professor Lamont. In this video, the narrator explains that "taking pictures in silly poses" is a dangerous act. He uses "Tebowing" as the main subject of the video, showing how three teenagers were run over by trains on separate (though absurd) occasions.

The narrator then reiterates that there are only three approved memes, namely "peace sign", "bunny ears", and "fake wiener". He also calls upon the people who are watching the video in the future to "get off their flying cellphone scooters and THINK."


The narrator has thick, curled blond hair. He wears a brown suit over a blue V-neck sweater, white shirt, black tie, brown pants, a black belt, and a pair of silver-framed glasses.