Bloody Sunday: The Dangers of Memeing is a short educational film shown to the 4th grade class by Professor Lamont in the Season Sixteen episode, "Faith Hilling". The intent was to scare the children into not performing meme related photography, providing examples depicting the dangers of memeing.


The film is a parody of anti-drug/alcohol educational films shown to grade school students. The narrator introduces each instance of the victim's deaths within the animated sections, featuring people getting hit by a train in absurd scenarios. The narrator gives suggestions to the audience in the style of a live action segment mimicking the fashion of the 1980s and shows the approved safe memes; "Bunny Ears", "Peace Sign", and "Fake Weiner". The film was made in 2010.


  • Ryan and Barkley - Tebowing on the train tracks.
  • Tommy and his girlfriend - Tebowing in a parked car on the train tracks.
  • Pete and his friend - Tebowing on top of a wall and still getting hit by a train.

Approved Memes

The film provided a list of safe, approved poses, which includes:

  • "Peace Sign"
  • "Bunny Ears"
  • "Fake Wiener"


  • Myko Olivier, an American actor, portrayed the individual performing the "peace sign" meme.[1]


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