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HighJewElfKing HighJewElfKing 8 days ago

New Administrators: Applebaby12 and JohnVMaster

Hello everybody! I'm excited to announce our newest admins on South Park Archives!

Apple and John have been very involved here for awhile and I’m confident in them to serve our community well. I am also excited to announce SG is back as well fully after a vacation.

AppleBaby12 has been on SPA since early 2021, as a Discussion Mod, later becoming a Discord Mod and now a part of our Discord Admin team. John has been around the South Park fandom for years, contributing off and on at SPA over the years, running the South Park Fanon Wiki and also for a period of time the “other wiki” over at South Park Studios.

Their promotions come at an interesting time for South Park Archives. We are currently undertaking two huge projects. We are also planning…

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JohnVMaster JohnVMaster 10 days ago

Request for Adminship - JohnVMaster

Hi, it's JohnVMaster, also known as Jvm!

I have now been in a staff position here for six months after I was graciously welcomed on to the staff here in April as a discussions moderator. Across both discussions and discord, I try to be friendly and helpful to other users and participate in weekly questions, and have tried to take personal initiative in resolving conflict and helping users who are experiencing difficulty. I have since made 241 discussions posts and checked in there just about every day, trying to nudge constructive conversation about the show.

I was lucky to be hired a a content moderator as well and have been involved across multiple projects in that time including Interactions and the recent capitalization project. I have mad…

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Applebaby12 Applebaby12 10 days ago

Adminship Request - Applebaby12

Hello! It's me, Apple.

I've been a part of the staff here since January this year. I started actively editing on the wiki since not long after that. I have currently amassed 3,040 total edits, 1,297 of them being main article edits, and have learned a lot since I began.

Furthermore, I've done my best to be friendly and remain active here in discussions, as well as engaging with users on our Discord server. Currently I am a content moderator and a Discord admin.

I'm fully prepared to shoulder my part of the workload with the anticipated movies and 24th season hopefully coming soon. I plan to keep contributing to the wiki and hope to help this community grow and thrive.

-Apple 🙂

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HighJewElfKing HighJewElfKing 16 August

New Content Mods

Hello everybody, HighJewElfKing here. Today we are making some updates to our wiki staff as we prepare for the upcoming content release. We're introducing the Content Mod Team (CMT's), with AppleBaby12 and JohnVMaster. They both are individuals I trust and have full confidence that they will do a good job. Content Mod grants them addition rights, like going past locked pages and being able to rollback incorrect information or vandalism. Apple and JVM will take current open tasks on our New Episode Guidelines page, they also will help with structure design for the new movies as well policy and procedures for the movie content. They also will help us, alongside Trisolaris should a new game be released as well.

AppleBaby12 has been on SPA sinc…

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HighJewElfKing HighJewElfKing 5 August

South Park Lives On

Hey everybody, HighJewElfKing here. After a really long wait, we kinda know where South Park is heading. Even though we have no new episode details to share right now, there will be a lot of them in the future for sure.

This is because Trey Parker and Matt Stone signed a $900 MILLION dollar deal with ViacomCBS to add on seasons 27, 28, 29 and 30. Yes 4 more seasons.

More interesting, Matt and Trey will be making 14 "South Park Movies" for ViacomCBS streaming service Paramount Plus. Including TWO this year!

You can find out more about today's announcements from Comedy Central HERE

This news is great for us at the wiki. We already have the new season pages up and we will be working on navigation structures/ policies for the movie content, which is w…

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This New Fandom update

is bullshit. So conformist. I'll end up in goddamn McDonald's if I don't do my editing. ><

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Happy Birthday, Eric Cartman!!

Happy Birthday, the most cranky, cruel, daring, spotlight-stealing, murderous, laziest, sassy-assed, kindly-hearted devil, and the biggest fatass of all. Happy Birthday, once again for the millionth time, Eric Cartman! And to another year stuck in 4th grade and being a big-assed jerk to everyone! ;)

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This blog thing.

Very sad that there's not much blogs here. A big F all around.

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HighJewElfKing HighJewElfKing 26 June

The New South Park Archives

Hello everybody, HighJewElfKing here with a look at our new wiki redesign for the Fandom Desktop skin. The new design is available starting today for day and night modes. We will continue to be making tweaks to the design and templates in the coming days. Our plan when everything is good is to make the wiki ready with Fandom so that the design can reach logged out users faster, as the wiki may no longer display properly for Oasis skin users.

  • 1 The New Night Mode!
  • 2 Day Mode
  • 3 Templates
  • 4 Current Known Issues
  • 5 Move to Fandom Desktop
  • 6 What's Next

The most exciting part of the new FandomDesktop skin is the new night mode. We wasted no time using this on SPA in a big way. With this redesign, we wanted to use dramatic scenes from the show. That is exactl…

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KylaraE KylaraE 3 June

FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Report bugs and feedback to me here.

To access the new FandomDesktop skin:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • In the top menu, select "Appearance"
  • Under "Skin" select "FandomDesktop"
  • Select any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as default light/dark mode, content width, and right rail collapse. (Personally I am all about that WIDE WIDTH experience.)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom

You can also opt-out the same way, just go to Special:Preferences and switch the Skin from FandomDeskop back to Oasis.

Helpful links!

  • New blog post about opt-in
  • FandomDesktop preparation guide
  • FandomDesktop highlights with links to staff blog posts
  • For admin: Blog about the customization policy

If you find a bug, please let me know about i…

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