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HighJewElfKing HighJewElfKing 8 days ago

South Park: The Streaming Wars

Hello, everybody! It’s time for our first “Exclusive Event” of 2022! I'm HighJewElfKing and here's details on the Paramount Plus movie called "South Park: The Streaming Wars". As always I'll attach the press release which is provided by our friends at South Park Studios:

May 11, 2022 – Paramount+ today announced that the service’s next “South Park” exclusive event, SOUTH PARK THE STREAMING WARS, will premiere Wednesday, June 1, and will also roll out in the Nordics, Latin America, Australia, and Canada. Paramount+ will debut a fourth “South Park exclusive event later this summer, date to be announced. The first two “South Park” exclusive events, SOUTH PARK: POST COVID and SOUTH PARK: POST COVID: THE RETURN OF COVID, debuted in 2021 and are …

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JazieCult JazieCult 15 days ago

1 Year

Howdy everybody, Spanish Wiki Admin and fellow Archives PD editor JazieCult here with a blog post! This user blog is probably the longest and very special to me since my time here in Fandom, this month to be exact May 1st marks my ONE year in the SPA Community, and yeah i guess i'm very late with this blog but procrastination sucks man what can you do about it :P.

Joining this wiki and the Discord server was probably the best and worst decision I have made in my life, for one i met many friends i never thought i would ever had, like, JVM, Yesterday, OmniHerbi, and of course the king of this wiki HighJewElfKing and many more! oh and yeah i count these peeps my friends because i don't really have a lot in real life. South Park Archives…

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Numberblocks 12 Numberblocks 12 3 April

south park kids reimagened pt1 made on scratch

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Snow pea lover 100 Snow pea lover 100 29 March

Help Wanted

The South Park Phone Destroyer wiki has had very few edits in the last month before I joined Source and has no active admins as the only admin has had their account disabled, I would be admin but I don't have the time. So I would like if any of you want to become an admin of the wiki or if not, help contribute to it. From Snow Pea Lover 100.

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Airbusa3sammy Airbusa3sammy 27 March

Episode idea.

in this episode, Shelly and Kevin fall in love and are unseperatable. This becomes great for Stan and Kenny, as they think about becoming brothers in law. But someone doesn't like this.

-This episode is one hour long

-We will see Kenny unhooded

-And Grandpa Marsh returns

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JohnVMaster JohnVMaster 21 March

Happy Birthday, HighJewElfKing!

A big happy birthday to the one and the only HighJewElfKing!!

Every wiki is a collaboration of hundreds of editors and loyal staff coming together, and this is what I love about wikis -- the idea we are all on the same team working towards a great common good. We are all here together because we value information, we want to share it with others and make it accessible to as many people as possible, to feel that thrill of discovery when something new comes to light. This is the spirit of wiki editing, and it can be incredibly difficult for even a friendly and outgoing person to foster this spirit with their best effort. I have been vocal about this from the beginning - the South Park Archives wouldn't be a fraction of what it is today withou…

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SilasGreaves12 SilasGreaves12 20 March


Hello everybody! SG here with information about my status and my future on the wiki. As many of you have seen, I haven't been active for a couple of months now and this is not the first time I take such a "long break".

One of the two main reasons for this is my interest in the show, which gradually decreased over the years. To put it in perspective, I had no interest in watching any new relased stuff this year. The last South Park thing that I watched was Vaccination Special. The other reason is my lack of time. My free time is currently limited compared to last year due to the fact that college has become more and more stressful and loaded with projects to do, as well as other real-life priorities. Therefore, I prefer to spend my free time…

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JohnVMaster JohnVMaster 15 March

Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special

The press photo shows us back at Tegridy Farms with a festive Towelie, and the title suggests we'll see Tolkien Black and his family, but this clip is all about Butters Stotch and the kids, so hopefully we'll get an episode that covers everybody!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

That's all we have so far -- and sadly, as far as we know based on Matt Stone's interview with Bloomberg last year, this will likely be the season finale this year.... but we still have TWO Paramount+ "exclusive events" coming this year!

You can find the SPS press release link Here!

As always the episode page is located Here. Are you excited for this one? Let us know in the comment section and also tell us your predictions for the episode. You can also talk about the episod…

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KylaraE KylaraE 11 March

Quizzes are live! Fandom News Roundup for March

Hey everyone! As your Wiki Representative, I'm here to help keep you all up to date with what's going on around Fandom. So here's a roundup of recent announcements and events.

Quick overview:

  • Trivia quizzes are live on South Park Archives!
  • Trivia Quizzes will be expanding and customized for wiki pages.
  • March is Women's History Month and we're celebrating representation in media.
  • MediaWiki 1.37 upgrades are are starting this month. Visually the wiki should be pretty much unchanged.
  • February was Black History Month, and we ended the month with a cool panel.
  • Fandom Stands with Ukraine and is making donations to humanitarian efforts.

  • 1 Trivia quizzes are live on South Park Archives!
  • 2 Trivia Quizzes are expanding on Fandom
  • 3 It's Women's History Month!
  • 4 Fan…

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ARichardL98 ARichardL98 10 March

How long do you think Season 25 will be?

Now that 5 South Park episodes from Season 25 have been released, I suppose now is as good a time as any to ask this: How long do you guys think Season 25 will be? As of right now, I'm not so sure. The number of episodes varied in the early seasons, but then seasons following each got 14 episodes until Season 16. Since Season 17, each season consistently had 10 episodes (barring Season 24 which only had 2 episodes making it the shortest South Park season to date). Of course, only time will tell how long Season 25 will be, but what to guys think? Will it be 10 episodes long or will it have more than that? Comment what you think.

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