The Black Residence, is the largest house in South Park. It made its debut in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", where Stan and Kyle go there and talk to the Blacks about freeing Cartman. The house played a prominent role as the sight of Cartman's showdown between him and his toys in "1%".


The Blacks are the wealthiest family in town and have more lucrative jobs, with Steve Black being a lawyer and Linda Black being a chemist, unlike the rest of the town who have low-paying jobs. Very little is known about the house due to how big it is, but it does have an original Van Gogh painting and many corridors.



The Manor's original appearance is painted an orange color with a brown door. It has a double garage. Due to the Black's financial situation, it was much bigger than any other houses in South Park. In its updated appearance in "1%" it was downsized and given more detail overall.


Downstairs the Black's house has two dining rooms, a kitchen and a large living room with a fireplace and balcony. Upstairs includes Token's room with many toys, a TV and a racecar bed. And the parent's room. A basement is also mentioned. In earlier versions of the house, there would have been many more rooms.

List of People that reside here


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Main Quest

The New Kid is instructed to get Token from here, but is blocked by a security guard. After obtaining a gas mask, the two fight and the New Kid manages to get through.

Side Quest

A flag for the Timmy Express can be found here.



  • Velocirapstar - Collected by shooting off the window on the left.


  • Friar Cap - Found in the yellow chest in the garage.
  • Squire Armor - Found when smashing the chimney on the roof (Requires Anal Probe)


  • Billy Club of Smiting - Collected automatically after defeating the security guard.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Main Quest

Harrison Yates gets the New Kid to take down Steve Black, who he believes is the big drug kingpin. First, the New Kid must pass the security guard (again), as well as the home security system.

The Freedom Pals base is here. The New Kid is taken here after The Thin White Line to see Doctor Timothy's plan. On Day 4, the group discover the plan missing, and, knowing The Coon is behind it, successfully track him down and torture him into telling the truth.

Side Quests

A Fastpass travel flag can be found outside the house.


Coonstagram Followers

  • Butters - Can be friended after accessing the Freedom Pals base.
  • Scott Malkinson - Can be friended after completing To Catch a Coon.
  • Token - Can be friended after completing To Catch a Coon.
  • Tweek - Can be friended after completing To Catch a Coon.
  • Kenny - Can be friended after completing To Catch a Coon.
  • Call Girl - Can be friended after completing To Catch a Coon.
  • Timmy - Friend him before leaving to catch the Coon.

Yaoi Art

  • Tweek and Craig: White Nights - Can be found in Steve's office.


  • Quesadilla Especial - Can be found in the cabinet in the backyard.


  • Token's Locker Combination - Can be found in a chest of drawers in Token's bedroom.
  • Token's Character Sheet - Can be found in a chest of drawers in Token's bedroom.
  • Memberberries - Can be found in the kitchen.
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