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"Black Puppy, White Puppy" is a parody song featured in the Season Twenty-Five episode "The Big Fix".


The song plays as Randy Marsh seeks to begin a new partnership with Steve Black for the Tegridy Farms' weed business. During the course of the song, both Randy and Steve appear in court, accused of plagiarizing another song titled "Ebony and Ivory" when their request for the rights to the song was rejected by the composer. In their defense, Randy claims that he had not heard of the original song, and that his song was entirely composed by himself and played on his piano keyboard.

Later, a rap version of the song plays while Randy and Towelie dance and get high in the barn. Steve walks in to show them his new business idea, which causes the music to suddenly stop and Randy calling him a buzz kill.


Black puppy and white puppy
Play together in the backyard
Why can't we
Getting rough with a brand new chew toy
Oh boy, let's all get along

We all know that puppies are the same wherever you go
There are good puppies, mmmm
And bad puppies
When one of them chews a shoe

Black puppy, white puppy
Playing in the backyard
Why can't we
Black puppy, white puppy
Playing in the backyard...

Rap Version[]

Black puppy bitch,
Black, black puppy bitch
White puppy bitch,
Black, white puppy bitch
Black puppy bitch,
White, black puppy bitch


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