T' Challa, better known as Black Panther, is a Marvel character who stars in the movie of the same name. He was first referenced in theSeason Twenty-Two episode, "Dead Kids", but first physically appeared in the Season Twenty-Three, "Band in China".


In "Dead Kids", Cartman explains to Token about some rumors about him saying that the movie, Black Panther was a terrible movie. He claims that Black Panther was a great movie and that he is not a racist. Token admits that he never actually saw Black Panther. Cartman is surprised at this and, later on, he talks to Butters that he suspects Token for 'manipulating' his test grades. He reveals to him that he actually doesn't like Black Panther and thinks that Token had everyone fooled that he didn't watch Black Panther.

Cartman asks Nichole if Token brought her to see Black Panther and she replies that she knows nothing of it. Cartman refuses to accept the fact that she genuinely did not watch Black Panther with Token and keeps on interrogating her. Cartman arrives at the Black residence and asks Linda and Steve Black if Token watched Black Panther with them. Steve replies that he and Linda watched it on the night of their date. They are going to let Token watch it soon. They cannot allow Token to watch it alone as it is PG-13. Token kicks him out of the house. The next day, Cartman confronts Token in the boys' bathroom and admits he didn't like Black Panther and Token tells Cartman he really didn't see Black Panther. Cartman threatens to tell his parents that he went to the theater to watch it without permission. Token reveals he doesn't actually care about Cartman's criticism about the movie. Cartman is unconvinced and feels Token also dislikes the movie. He tells Token he doesn't mind him disliking the movie, but just that he should not 'manipulate' and make Cartman fail his test again.

Black Panther is seen in "Band in China" as one of the Marvel characters aboard the flight to China along with Randy Marsh.

Later on, Black Panther was one of the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters getting scolded by Mickey Mouse for criticizing the Chinese Government and being critical of Chinese politics.


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