The Black Haired Scientist is an unnamed minor character who first appeared as a worker in the AIDS Research Center. He's voiced by Trey Parker.


He's a black-haired Caucasian, who wears a white jacket over a brown sweater, and grey pants.


He was first seen working under the Senior AIDS researcher in the AIDS Research Center, totally doubting his superior and Mitch's (his cohort) hypothesis based upon Magic Johnson's life that injecting a person with "about 180,000$" concentrated right to the vain will cure HIV. Yet is proven wrong upon Kyle Broflovski's recovery.

He was seen in a cameo in "Over Logging".

In "Pee" he's seen as part of the scientists who came over to help with the urine chaos in Pi Pi's Splashtown.

He is seen working on the Project Imagination Doorway in "Imaginationland, Episode II".

In "Gluten Free Ebola" he's seen as a USDA worker.

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