The Bishop of Banff first appeared in the Season Fifteen episode "Royal Pudding", where he was seen at the Canadian royal wedding.


In "Royal Pudding", the Bishop of Banff appears as one of the attendees of the Canadian royal wedding between the Prince and Princess of Canada. He leads the Prince to the front of the church to the vat of butterscotch pudding. In this episode, he is referred to as the Bishop of Newfoundland.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

The Bishop of Banff plays a more significant role in the video game South Park: The Stick of Truth. In the game, it is revealed by the Prince of Canada that the Bishop of Banff had tried to let Montreal back into the kingdom. Believing that the Bishop was doing this just to make his life more difficult, the Prince asks The New Kid to go to Banff and kill the Bishop. He also asks The New Kid to bring the Bishop's balls as proof that he killed him. When The New Kids gets to Banff, he can hit the Bishop to initiate a fight against him. After The New Kid defeats the Bishop, he can either choose to spare him or kill him. If he kills him, he gets his balls to take back to the Prince. If he spares the Bishop, he will get a pair of dire pig testicles and will receive a friend request from the Bishop.


The Bishop of Banff has short gray hair, a gray mustache, and a gray goatee. He wears a tall yellow hat, a large yellow robe over another white robe, black shoes, and a pair of glasses. He is very overweight.

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