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The Birthday Party Parents organize a birthday party for their daughter in the Season Eighteen episode, "Cock Magic".


They throw a party for their daughter's 6th birthday with other kindergartners in their backyard. They invite Randy Marsh, a cock magician going by the stage name of the Amazingly Randy, to perform for the children. When the performance starts, the parents return to the kitchen to prepare the cake. Unbeknownst to them, Randy's cock magic tricks are performed with his penis. One of the tricks involves putting his penis into a magic box and sawing through it. The trick goes wrong and he cuts his penis off, spurting blood. The parents mistake the kindergartners' screams of horror for being excited by the show. Randy tells their daughter to reach behind her ear, it turns out his penis had fallen there and is still wiggling. She hands it to him, utterly horrified.

The parents find out what happened and call the police. The father tells Harrison Yates how Randy took the penis from behind their daughter's ear and that is when they saw him with three rings. Yates, who believes that cock magic is the card game Magic: The Gathering (CCG), then asks them what kind of decks they were using. Since there were no decks, Yates accuses them of making a false cock magic report. He then arrests the mother who was the one who called the police. Their daughter looks on, screaming and crying in her father's arms.


The father has black hair. He wears a brown pullover over a light gray shirt with a maroon tie and dark blue pants. The mother has light brown shoulder-length hair. She wears a pink pullover over a white collared shirt with a necklace and a dark gray skirt.

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