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|title = Birth of a Coon Friend
|image = Quest 49.png
|prerequisites=Complete [[Alternate Universes Collide]]<br>Complete [[The Chains of Super Craig]]
|prerequisites = Complete [[Alternate Universes Collide]]<br>Complete [[The Chains of Super Craig]]
|characters=[[The Coon (character)|The Coon]]
|quest_giver = [[The Coon (character)|The Coon]]
|location=[[Cartman Residence|Cartman's House]]
|location = [[Cartman Residence|Cartman's House]]
|rewards = Minor Artifact Slot
|rewards = Minor Artifact Slot
|previous = [[The Chains of Super Craig]]
|previous = [[The Chains of Super Craig]]
|next = [[Rise of the Fourthies]]}}'''Birth of a Coon Friend''' is a story mission in the video game, "[[South Park: The Fractured But Whole]]".
|next = [[Rise of the Fourthies]]}}
'''Birth of a Coon Friend''' is a story mission in the video game, "[[South Park: The Fractured But Whole]]".

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Birth of a Coon Friend is a story mission in the video game, "South Park: The Fractured But Whole".

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Plot details follow.


In order to continue your Coon Friend training, you must learn about Artifacts, and Artifact Slots. Meet The Coon at his lair so he can teach you the basics.


From Craig’s House, head right to Cartman’s House. Professor Chaos will make an appearance, having placed lava in front of the garage at Jimmy’s House. Ignore it for now.

Once in Cartman’s basement, The Coon will give you your first Artifact.

Increase your Hero Rank so you'll be able to equip more of these might-enhancing gadgets. After you leave Cartman’s House, Fast Travel will now be enabled as well.

Make sure to stop by your house to pick up any rewards from your Toy Box for reaching Hero Rank 2. You’ll get Costumes and a lot of items. Now, continue to Rise of the Fourthies.

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