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Billy Turner is a 3rd Grade student at South Park Elementary. He first appeared in the Season Nine episode, "Erection Day", and was mentioned in "Tsst", as a victim of Eric Cartman's torment.


In "Erection Day", the then Mrs. Garrison introduced Billy at the school's talent show. Billy performed and played "Mary had a Little Lamb" on his saxophone. According to the audience's reactions, Billy played the song poorly.

In "Tsst", Billy called Eric Cartman "chubby", ridiculing him because of his weight problem. Offended by this, Cartman handcuffed Billy's ankle to a flagpole and gave him a hacksaw. He told him he had poisoned his lunch milk and that the only way he could get to the antidote in time would be to saw through his leg. Following this incident, Mr. Mackey mentioned that Billy was now being treated at the hospital.


Billy Turner wears black shoes, blue pants, and a long sleeved, red shirt. He's Caucasian and has messy brown hair.


Billy is gullible, as he believed Cartman poisoned his lunch milk.


  • "Erection Day" - Seen briefly giving an alto-saxophone solo at the talent show.
  • "Tsst" - Mentioned being tormented by Eric Cartman.
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