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Billy Miller appears in the Season Fourteen episode, "Medicinal Fried Chicken".


In "Medicinal Fried Chicken", Billy is seen as a KFC trafficking kingpin and takes his business very seriously. He hires Eric Cartman so that he can repay his debt for some popcorn chicken he ate. Soon after sending him to set up a deal with Colonel Sanders, he is overthrown by Cartman. The Colonel sends his goons to kill Cartman and his group, but Cartman manages to escape just as the police arrive and engage in a shootout with the Colonel's men. While trying to escape, Billy's mother gets shot in the crossfire.


Billy has short black hair, wears a red shirt with a bulldozer depicted on it, dark blue pants, and white shoes.


Billy has a very business-like personality and seems to understand what it means to be trafficking chicken. He seems to prefer solving problems, such as debt, in a business-like way and is shocked by Cartman's ridiculous order of 10,000 boxes of chicken. He releases that he "can't move that kind of chicken", acting like a stereotypical drug lord, even saying "I'm not making any money here, I'm losing it! I have to pay for more security, I got the cops up my ass and I have to hire these sorters to get the chicken ready for distribution!".


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