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Bill Yellow Hawk is a Native American who Randy paid to make out with in order to sabotage his own DNA test. He made his debut appearance in the Season Twenty-One episode, "Holiday Special."


Bill is a Native American man with long, black hair, and brown skin. He wears traditional Native American attire.


After Randy kissed him, Bill started to develop feelings for him. He brought him flowers and wrote a song about him. Randy snapped at Bill, telling him he had no feelings for him. However, when the DNA test administrators wanted another sample of his DNA, Randy chased after Bill and kissed him again. Because of this, Bill was led to believe that Randy truly did have feelings for him and was trying to repress his sexuality, which he believed was homosexual. Bill later brought his parents with him to Randy's house to hopefully convince him to pursue a relationship with him.


  • His name is never used onscreen in the episode itself, but was revealed by South Park on Twitter.[1]

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