Donohue with the Pope

Bill Donohue is the current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. He appears in the South Park episode "Fantastic Easter Special" as the main antagonist.


When Pope Benedict XVI attempts to stop the Hare Club For Men from revealing the true origins of the Catholic Church (that Jesus' disciple and the first Pope, Peter, was in truth a rabbit), he gets the services of Bill Donhohue and the Catholic League to help him in his efforts. Their primary objective is revealed to take possession of a bunny named Snowball, who is revealed to be the descendant of Saint Peter. However, the Pope slowly begins to realize that Donohue's efforts are rather extreme and not "very Christian" as he resorts to torture and murder members of the Hare Club in order to get what he personally wants, all the while claiming his actions are those demanded by God himself.

The Vatican then announces that it would be holding an Easter Vigil, and the Pope would supposedly show his 'divine grace' by feeding the poor with a giant rabbit stew. This however is revealed to be another extreme plot created by Donohue in which he plans to publicly murder the Hare Club for Men, who are still dressed like rabbits and feed them to the poor. Stan and Kyle arrive with Snowball, with the intent of trading him for the Hare Club members. Donohue however double-crosses them, taking the bunny and the boys hostage with the intent of murdering them as well, claiming that this would be what Jesus wanted. It is then, that Jesus enters, and advances upon them. He verifies that the story of St. Peter being a Rabbit is true, and that it should be made the new Pope.

Without skipping a beat, Donohue orders for them to Kill Jesus, to which the Pope decides that it's 'definitely' not Christian to kill Jesus. Stating that the Pope is weak and Jesus a blasphemer, Donohue overthrows Benedict as Pope, claiming that he alone can speak for God. Locking up the Jews, Kyle and Jesus, he plans to kill the Hare Club and run the church. Jesus however escapes the jail, by having Kyle kill him, allowing him to resurrect outside their cell. Jesus then proceeds to kill Donohue with the Glaive from Krull, before he can kill Snowball and the Hair Club member after which he places Snowball on the Pope's throne.

However, he came back to life because he appears in 201.

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