"Bike Parade" is a montage song featured in Season Twenty-Two episode, "Bike Parade".


The townspeople finally reject Jeff Bezos and his Amazon Fulfillment Center. Afterward, the town celebrates with the bike parade. The song plays in the background during a montage where the kids ride their bikes through the town, while the adults watch from the sidewalk and smoke weed.

Many events from the season are referenced during the parade. Cartman pulls along Kenny's coffin after Alexa killed him earlier in the episode. Stan and Kyle cycle by the crying PC Babies, realising the bike parade is offensive. Mr. Garrison is seen in handcuffs outside Park County Police Station, showing he has been caught after the events of "Splatty Tomato". Ned is seen alive, but badly injured, after the ManBearPig attack in "Time To Get Cereal".


Ice-cold beer, down-home days.
Country music and bike parades.
We got tegridy all around. (round, round)
That's life living in our Colorado town.

We don't need nothin' from big corporations.
We don't need progress and fancy educations.
Maybe our tegridy keeps us down. (down, down)
But that's life living in our Colorado town.

Now we gotta learn to live without boxes every day.
We might wake up tomorrow and wonder why they went away.
Guess you might call us a bunch of white trash hicks. (hicks, hicks)
But at least we ain't suckin' no Bezosian dicks.

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