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  • A few old characters make cameos at the end of the episode, including Dr. Alphonse Mephesto, Kevin Mephesto, Mr. Slave, Big Gay Al, and Mr. Adams. Mr. Garrison also cameos, almost having been absent for an entire season.
    • Kevin Mephesto appears with his old design instead of his updated design as seen in "201".
  • The country flags on the boys' original bikes are Mexico, The Philippines, USA and Syria, with the Philippines' flag appearing inverted. Their theme was "The Changing Face of Immigration in America."
  • The banner for the bike parade shows that it is sponsored by City Wok, Tegridy Farms and La Taco.
  • Cartman says they’ll get the bike parade cancelled by complaining that it’s insensitive and then accuses Kyle of being small minded for not understanding why the parade should be cancelled. This is a reference to the snowflake generation using tactics such as protesting and complaining to officials to get events that they find to be offensive cancelled and making accusations towards those who do not side with them.
  • So far, this is the last time in which Kenny dies.

References to Popular Culture

  • Jeff Bezos using Amazon Echo to listen in on conversations is a reference to accusations of Amazon Echo devices being capable of listening to and recording conversations without the owner's knowledge, as well as being remotely hacked.[1][2][3]
  • Tegridy Farms offering home delivery via an app is a reference to marijuana home delivery services, such as Eaze that have recent begun in some states, such as California.
  • At the end of the episode, President Garrison is seen waving to the Bike Parade participants, while in handcuffs in front of the Police Station, which is a reference to the fact that Democrats are now trying to use their newfound majority in the House of Representatives to try to impeach President Donald Trump.
    • This could also be interpreted as a reference to Season Twenty-One's "Splatty Tomato". In the end of that episode, President Garrison was on the loose and the people weren't sure if they could catch him.
      • This is also President Garrison's first appearance since that episode.
  • How easily Jeff Bezos takes out Josh and Kenny is a subtle reference to how Capitalism trumps Socialism in terms of innovation, progress and economic growth.
    • The fact that Jeff is driven out of town after everyone starts buying weed from Randy's growing business 'Tegridy Weed' also references how Capitalist industries are usually only beaten by other Capitalist Industries.



  • The Philippines flag is shown with the red stripe up, which indicates the nation is in a state of war. The Philippines was not in a state of war at the time of the original airing of the episode.
  • When the townspeople call out to Bezos at City Hall , Mr. Slave and the bald farmer are next to each other, standing with their arms at their side and the Valmers are further back. When the panning close up shot starts, Mr. Slave and the bald farmer have their arms on each other's back and the farmer also has a smile on his face. Next to the farmer is a mall employee, Ryan and Sarah Valmer. When the camera goes back to a wide shot of the crowd, Mr. Slave and the farmer have their arms at their sides again, the farmer's smile is gone, the mall employee has disappeared and the Valmers are further back again.
  • The bald farmer appears twice in the crowd in front of City Hall. First he is shown standing next to Mr. Slave with a light green "If it ain't country, it ain't music" t-shirt and a hat. Then he can be seen further back, wearing his default dark green t-shirt and standing near Eddie.
  • In the scene when the bike parade just started, Bebe's hand is clipped through Craig's head.

Kenny's Death

  • Jeff Bezos tells Alexa to kill Kenny and, although his death isn't shown, Cartman can be seen wheeling Kenny's casket on his bike during the bike parade.


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