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"Bike Parade"
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Episode no. Season 22
Episode 10
Production no. 2210
Original airdate December 12, 2018
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"Bike Parade" is the tenth episode and season finale of Season Twenty-Two, and the 297th overall episode of South Park. It aired on December 12, 2018.[1]


The boys' chance of winning the Bike Parade is in jeopardy when Kenny quits.[1]


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Plot details follow.

Kyle wakes up at his house and runs downstairs to find the packages he ordered delivered. Cartman calls him to tell him all the boys got their packages, and to meet up, Gerald questions why he got the packages, and discovers Kyle helped Jeff Bezos get workers. Jeff listens in through Alexa and also overhears Stuart yelling at Kenny for helping Amazon when they are supposed to be striking.

At Tegridy Farms, Randy is angry when Sharon suggests the weed business didn't work. Someone then comes to buy weed to cope with the Amazon strike, and suddenly crowds of people turn up for their weed.

The strike continues at the Amazon Fulfillment Center while Stephen Stotch teaches the former mall workers how to package things. Josh Carter, who is still in a box from the accident in the previous episode, gives a speech about the working people at Washington.

Randy starts worrying he will lose customers due to following the law of only selling one ounce, meaning people will buy weed at other farms. Towelie helps come up with an idea to deliver weed to people on E-Scooters so people won't see the other farms when retrieving their weed.

Stephen comes home after another day to find all his family's packages delivered. Both Linda and Butters are thrilled, with the latter believing he is sure to win the bike parade. Jeff Bezos listens in again and explains to the mayor that their only enemy is Josh.

The boys look at their finished bikes, proud of what they have accomplished. Kenny then comes up to inform them that he isn't going to do the bike parade due to his father's beliefs. Cartman then panics, knowing they will fail the bike parade. The three boys try to get better bikes, but realise it is hopeless, and that they will embarrass themselves. Cartman comes up with an idea to cancel the bike parade, claiming it to be offensive.

Jeff Bezos interrogates Josh over the strike. He then lets in a group of children, and trick them into thinking Josh's box contains something for the bike parade. The kids then rush to open it and, upon opening it, they kill Josh. The mayor looks on, horrified of what has happened.

Larry Zewiski continues to show off his bike to girls, only for Butters to turn up in a much better bike, shocking him. The girls then leave him. Larry, angry, berates his father for striking instead of working. Convinced, his father decides to go back to work, but gets his weed delivery first from Towelie. Randy tells him that they now have an app.

The three boys look for materials to use for protesting the bike parade, only to discover all the shops are closed due to Amazon. The mayor tells them she did this by inviting Amazon, realizing it has made the town worse. Santa then comes to help save Christmas. He asks where Mr. Hankey is and, upon discovering they kicked him out of town because of some offensive tweets, he leaves angrily, ashamed of the town.

Stephen begins to feel torn between striking and working after discovering Josh has disappeared. Butters tries to convince him that he doesn't need anything else, but Stephen decides to work anyway. Upon leaving, he finds Towelie advertising the Tegridy weed, which gives him an idea.

The boys realize there isn't a way to get cancelled, and they have to do the bike parade. Kyle suddenly realizes they need to protest for other people. They rush to City Hall to complain to the mayor, only to find Jeff Bezos in her place. Jeff explains the bike parade was needed to get more people needing things, so people would work at the fulfillment center to get fulfilled. Seeing Kenny as a threat, he orders Alexa to kill him. When all hope seems lost, the town suddenly confront him outside, explaining that with weed, they don't need Amazon anymore.

The bike parade then goes on as normal. Cartman rides along pulling Kenny's coffin behind him. The adults watch, all high on Tegridy weed, including Ned, who is revealed to have survived the ManBearPig attack, and President Garrison, who is revealed to have been caught by the police. The episode ends with an advert for Tegridy Weed, coming to an online retailer soon.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Bike Parade" a "B+" rating saying: "Season 22 will go down as yet another successful South Park season, and probably their strongest output since season 18. Trey and Matt were once again able to handle multiple story arcs taking on multiple current events, and having their plots intertwine seamlessly. Throughout the season, the show made the jokes about rooting for its own cancellation, but really, season 22 was proof positive that despite being one of the longest-running shows around, South Park still hasn’t lost its fastball, and continues to be one of the most cheerfully irreverent shows on television."[2]

IGN gave "Bike Parade" a "6.9" rating saying: "It's not surprising that South Park's season finale failed to tie together all of Season 22's loose ends and dangling plot threads. It's only surprising that this episode attempted to in the first place. "Bike Parade" brings the Amazon conflict to an anticlimactic finish even as it struggles to call back to so many other storylines from recent weeks. But with so many hilarious moments and character conflicts fueling this finale, it still manages to be an entertaining finish to a very eclectic season."[3]


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