The Bigfoot Researchers are Cryptozoologists (researchers of mythological beings) who appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Jewpacabra", where they were seen at their research station and at the location of the Easter Egg Hunt.


In "Jewpacabra", they were seen when Mr. Billings, his staff, and Eric Cartman went to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization for analysis of Cartman's video of the supposed Jewpacabra. Each of the researchers reviewed the video, as a group, and eventually came to the conclusion that it was actually of a real Jewpacabra, after converting it to infrared and adding a picture of a rottweiler next to the arm.

Mr. Billings, wanting to maintain a fun and safe environment for the Easter egg hunt, decided to use Cartman as a sacrifice for it.

Bobo using binoculars to spy on Eric Cartman.

Cartman was chained to a concrete block, forced to wear a bunny costume, and was drenched with chicken blood.

Believing they sighted a three foot tall "bunny man", the researchers shot Cartman with a tranquilizer gun. Having successfully sedated Cartman, they left the park with the goal of having a show on Animal Planet using their dart gun as evidence.



The "researchers" at the Easter egg hunt site.

The researcher with the red hair wears a black shirt under a large blue jacket, black pants, and black shoes. He has a thick red beard.

Bobo wears a white shirt under a gray sweater under a green jacket. He has brown hair and also wears a dark gray fur hat, blue pants, and large brown boots.

The researcher with the gray hair wears a white shirt under a blue jacket, tan pants, and dark brown boots. He has gray facial hair.

The researcher with the pink jacket wears a red shirt, black pants, and a blue chullo hat. She has dark brown hair and also wears large brown boots.


The Bigfoot Researchers all appear to be intellectually disabled. They display many speech impediments and their handicap is shown in their mouths. They are evidently very unintelligent, naive and gullible, given how they passionately believe in the existence of mythical and fictitious creatures despite the complete lack of scientific evidence to prove such absurdities.


  • The Bigfoot Researchers are a parody of the team from the Animal Planet program Finding Bigfoot.


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