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Big Mesquite Murph is a character who appeared in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Shots!!!"


Big Mesquite Murph appears to be in his 40s or 50s. He has black combed hair on his top, while the rest of his head is shaved along with black eyelashes. He has a beard and wears green overalls equipped with a large knife, yellow rope, yellow gloves, and wears black messy boots. He has chest hair and hair on his arms and shoulders. He is usually seen biting his lower lip.


Big Mesquite Murph is a Hog Wrestler who has won multiple trophies along with ribbons and certificates for winning the top spot in Hog wrestling tournaments. He was recommended by Stephen Stotch to request help in giving Eric Cartman a vaccination. He was called because Cartman acts like a hog, becomes out of control, and squeals whenever he sees an injection while running naked like a hog to avoid getting a shot.


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