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Big Gay Al

Big Gay Al is a stereotypical homosexual man who first appeared in the Season One episode, "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". He is known for his flamboyant and positive demeanor and usually responds to the greeting "How are you?" with an upbeat "I'm super! Thanks for asking!"


Gay Animal Sanctuary[]

In his first appearance in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride", he ran an animal sanctuary reserved for gay animals who had been rejected by homophobic pet owners. He temporarily adopted Sparky, Stan Marsh's homosexual dog, who had run away from home after Stan had gotten upset with him. Stan then wanted Sparky back, and Big Gay Al agreed to return him, but only after explaining homosexuality to Stan. Later on in the episode, his large shelter transforms into a briefcase and flies away, but the various animals remain and are reclaimed by their owners, who had missed them very much.


He had a minor role in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, where it was revealed that he is in fact a celebrity. He was the co-host and an entertainer at the troops' USO show, in which he performed his own musical number, "I'm Super". His singing voice for the song was provided by Trey Parker.

Scouts Leader[]

In "Cripple Fight", He later took up the position of scout master of troop 69, since he had been in the scouts since he was nine years old. However, the parents of the children were uneasy about a gay scout leader, and subsequently, the club fired him. The boys, however, didn't like their new Scouts Leader, and rallied to get Al back, and Gloria Allred and others forced the Scouts to re-accept him. He rejected this, saying he knows the Scout leaders are still good men, and since the scouts are a private club, they should have the right to exclude people if they choose to, just as he has the right to express himself as a gay man.


He wears a pink Hawaiian shirt open at the top, exposing his left nipple, a blue neckerchief, and brown corduroy trousers. His skin is heavily tanned. Big Gay Al is thick set and has brown hair, eyelashes, a mustache, and very red lips.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, his hair has faded, and his skin is no longer tanned.

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He is a stereotypical homosexual: upbeat, happy, optimistic, and flamboyant. He appears to be very passionate about things he loves, saving homosexual animals in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride", being in the scouts since age nine in "Cripple Fight", and etc. It is shown in his debut that he smokes.


Mr. Slave[]


Mr. Slave and Al declare their engagement.

In "Follow That Egg!", it was revealed that Big Gay Al had started up a relationship with Mr. Slave, the ex-boyfriend of Mr. Garrison sometime after the other two men had broken up over the latter's sex change operation, and that Slave and Al had moved in together. Garrison, who had hoped to take Mr. Slave back, is enraged by the news and more so when Slave announces their engagement. Mrs. Garrison swears she will stop gay marriage from becoming legal so that she can have Mr. Slave back; when her efforts fail, Al and Mr. Slave are married by Father Maxi in a major ceremony, with Stan, Kyle, Wendy and Randy Marsh among those in attendance.

In "The F Word", Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al are the first to see the boys' attempts at getting rid of the local Harley Riders, by writing "Fags Get Out!" Initially they are pained and horrified by the sign, until realizing that the boys did not mean anything disparaging against gays, but were instead using the term "Fag" in regards to the Harley Riders, stating "You can be gay, and not a fag". Al and Slave, finding agreement with this, help the boys to change the definition of "faggot" from a gay person to an annoying Harley rider, with Al presiding over meetings in town and brandishing a rifle against the Harley riders.

They often appear together at large gatherings, such as in "The City Part of Town" to see the Whole Foods representative's arrival and in "Bike Parade" holding a barbecue during the bike parade and watching the kids.



Big Gay Al and Marc together.

When he hosted the USO Show in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Al was accompanied by a pianist named Marc who played the backing music for his new song "I'm Super" while Al sang and performed elaborate choreography involving dancers, costumes, and more.

The two appear to be close friends, as Al invited Marc over to play sad music while he packed away his things from his scouting career in "Cripple Fight", and afterward Marc played uplifting music when Al requested.

Video Games[]

South Park[]

Big Gay Al is one of the unlockable multiplayer characters. In the mission "A Clone of Your Own", he is one of the templates for the deformed clones encountered by the boys (in fact, only Big Gay Al clones are fought in the first stage).

South Park Rally[]

Big Gay Al appears as a playable character in the game. He is unlocked by winning the Pink Lemonade race for the first time.

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

While Big Gay Al does not physically appear in the game, he can be added as Facebook friend by answering the iPhone in Mr. Slave's rectum.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

The New Kid assists Big Gay Al in a scavenger hunt to locate all of his missing cats. Once completed, he will award the player with two cat-related outfits, one of which being the default outfit for the Assassin class.

South Park: Phone Destroyer[]

Big Gay Al is a 5-Cost Rare Ranged unit of the Neutral theme. He is a Headhunter, which means he specifically targets the enemy leader by throwing glitter bombs at them.



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