The Big Black Scary Monster is seen in the Season Two episode, "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)". It is the main antagonist in the episode but cannot be considered real due to the very nature of the episode itself.


It is seen in the episode killing two children, one of which is Kenny McCormick, but later in the episode it is remembered as giving all the children ice cream in a significantly more friendly manner. The other child it ate was the Boy with Red Shirt. This monster was once used to scare South Park kindergartners into behaving, making it a sort of bogeyman. It turned out to be a dream, so the monster never really existed.


It is completely black, aside from its red eyes. It appears to have four legs, two, claw-like arms, as well as a head that completely detaches from the body when it is chewing.


  • The way it kills the Boy with Red Shirt is identical to the goat's death from Jurassic Park, where the goat's leg is spat on to the Ford Explorer tour vehicle after being devoured by the Tyrannosaurus rex.


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