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The Big Bad Government Guy is a government official and the main antagonist in South Park: The Stick of Truth.


At first, not much is actually known about the Big Bad Government Guy. Many years ago a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, which led to the formation of his government agency in order to investigate the paranormal occurence. According to him the agency has never lost a fight until four years back when investigating a child who had an unnatural power inside of him. The agency attempted to secure the child so that they could harness the kid's powers of making friends quickly on any social network.

When Douchebag escapes from the Visitors, which causes their UFO to crash land in South Park, he is called by the government to contain the threat originating from that ship, which he covers up towards the citizens by claiming it to be preparations for the opening of a new Taco Bell. He is later seen having a meeting with several other members of the government witnessing the effects of the goo from the ship, which turns any organic life into Nazi Zombies. In an attempt to neutralize the threat he plans to plant bombs across the city to destroy anything in a three block radius and cover it up as the effect of an earthquake.

He does not appear again throughout the course of the game until the end where he and his soldiers surround Douchebag and the boys revealing the New Kid's purpose to them, where he then takes the Stick of Truth under the assumption that it will allow him to control the universe, ultimately leading to him undressing himself and convincing Princess Kenny to join him, concluding in the final battle.


The Big Bad Government Guy holding the Stick of Truth.


He appears as an elderly man with white hair and wrinkles around his face. He wears a black suit and tie and is always seen wearing a plain black eye patch on his right eye.


Big Bad Government Guy is a shady agent who works on behalf of the president for the good of the country. In spite of any patriotism he may feel, he views himself as merely a pawn of his own government, and secretly resents it. When he felt he had the power to control his own fate, he stripped naked and laughed manically, running to the top of the tree house with the Stick of Truth.

Big Bad Government Guy is not hesitant to do what he feels is necessary to achieve his goals, from destroying a town of innocents to abducting children. In spite of his negative aspects, Big Bad Government Guy does have a sense of honor of sorts, being knowledgeable of "The Gentleman's Oath" and was genuinely surprised that the boys were willing to break it to defeat Kenny. He hates Nazi Zombies, considering them "overused".

It is possible that Big Bad Government Guy is not terribly intelligent, as he believed the boys' story about a common stick having the ability to control the universe. It is also possible that his past experience with the paranormal has made him more credulous than common sense would dictate, as other than his mistake with the Stick, he seems to run his secret government operation fairly well.