Betsy MacIntosh is an eight-and-a-half month pregnant woman who appears in the Season Fifteen episode "Crack Baby Athletic Association".


Cartman and Butters arrive at Betsy's home, saying that she skipped out on her rehab again. They then come inside the house to discuss Betsy being eight-and-a-half months pregnant and still being addicted to cocaine. They offer her a deal to have her child play for the Crack Baby Athletic Association. Betsy appears hesitant to make the deal because her child won't make any money due to the rules of the CBAA, asking Cartman if he can change the rules. Cartman offers her some crack, though it's unknown if this made her change her mind.


Betsy has blonde hair with brown roots and thin brown eyebrows. She wears a gray tank top with a black trim that exposes her pregnant belly, purple pants, white socks, and maroon slippers. She also has a tattoo of a rose on her left arm, pink eye shadow, and earrings on both ears. She has rotten brown teeth.


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