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Bebe Stevens is a female fourth-grade student at South Park Elementary. She seems to be the "popular" girls' secondary leader, after Wendy Testaburger, in the fourth grade, though Bebe serves as the primary female throughout Seasons Five to Eleven. She briefly became part of the boys' group in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", but only because of her early developed breasts.




Bebe with a pistol, in "The List".

In "The List", it appears that she knows how to handle, load, and fire a handgun when she attempted to kill Wendy Testaburger. She ended up killing Kenny McCormick with her handgun in her fight with Wendy. She accidentally pulled the trigger and Kenny was hit by the stray bullet. She also killed Kenny with a boomerang in "Proper Condom Use".


In the episode "Douche and Turd", it is revealed that Bebe is part of the cheerleading squad.

Criminal Record

Bebe has committed several crimes, as seen in some episodes. This is seen here:

  • Accessory to Murder: At the end of "Tom's Rhinoplasty", she is seen at Wendy's party relaxing next to the latter, implying she had something to do with Ms. Ellen's kidnapping and subsequent execution by launching into the sun.
  • Attempted Murder: In "The List", Bebe tried to kill Wendy, but the bullet misses and as a result, ends up killing Kenny instead.
  • Civil Unrest/Rioting: Participant in the South Park Elementary gender war during Proper Condom Use. Killed Kenny during the boys' assault on the girls' base (see below). She was also one of many students seen rioting in the school hallways over the cancellation of Columbus Day in "Holiday Special".
  • Drug Possession: While the girls are telling Wendy about the party that Bebe is throwing during "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", Red says that there will be Ketamine, a Schedule III drug, at the party.
  • Graft/Corruption: She, along with numerous other girls on the South Park Girls' List Committee, altered the list of cutest boys so that Clyde would be on the top, to get free shoes from him. This is graft because Bebe abused her authority for personal gain.
  • Manslaughter: In attempting to kill Wendy (see above), she accidentally killed Kenny.
  • Drug abuse: In "Quest for Ratings", Bebe is seen getting high on cough syrup in the girls' restroom.
  • Murder/Assault: In "Proper Condom Use", Bebe killed Kenny by throwing a sharp boomerang at him. This would count as murder and assault on the guards of killing by assault.
  • Battery: In "The Worldwide Privacy Tour", Bebe beats up Butters for simply saying some mean words to her. Given the appearance and injuries of Butters after the fight, this would probably be considered a form of battery.
  • Sexual Harassment: In "Clubhouses", Bebe sexually harasses Kyle by announcing to the other girls he has a "hot ass" as well as attempting other unwanted advances. In "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", she throws a party in which all the girls, including her, sexually tease the boys despite their objections. She chases Brimmy at the party.
  • Unlawful Possession and Discharge of a Firearm: Used a pistol to try to kill Wendy during the events of "The List". Minors are not permitted to possess or use firearms without an adult present, much less against other people. Despite this, she is not charged with this crime.

Breast Development


Bebe with breasts.

In "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", she became the first of the fourth-grade students to reach puberty, as she began developing breasts in that episode. Though they were tiny (she originally thought they were mosquito bites, until she saw that they were not healing), they caused the male students to go ape-like in their desires for her. Bebe liked the extra attention they gave her until this happened, and though she was rejected by the surgeon for getting breast reductions, she successfully broke the spell over the boys by wearing a box to school to hide her chest. After this episode, she appears normal as she was before, and her boobs were not shown nor mentioned again; her chest was also devoid of the cardboard box afterward.

Voice Acting

In her first speaking role, Bebe was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman. Jennifer Howell, the show’s executive producer, requested to do a voice and she was given the role of Bebe. Howell originally gave her a high and near breathy voice, but her pitch has been lowered somewhat in the later seasons to a more mature tone.


Bebe has long, curly golden blonde hair, parted to her left side. While her hair hangs down over her right shoulder, she was seen in "Informative Murder Porn" with some of it draped over her left shoulder. It was mentioned by Wendy in "The Hobbit" that she has acne. She wears a red jacket with gray trim and dark green pants with gray mittens. Underneath her jacket, she has been shown to wear a red sweater. In "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", she was seen wearing a green jacket, tan pants, and dark blue mittens, while in "Weight Gain 4000", her jacket and mittens were pink, with her jacket being a darker shade than her mittens. She also wore the aforementioned outfit in "Pinkeye". In "Tom's Rhinoplasty", Bebe wears a black bikini when having a pool party with Wendy. In the episode "Chickenlover", she was briefly shown wearing a blue jacket in a scene. In "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", she wears a sheep costume for Herbert Garrison's play with a black round nose.

Bebe wears a short-sleeved, ankle-length, pink nightgown with white trimming around the cuffs and collar at bedtime, as shown in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", "Marjorine", and "Pajama Day". When she dressed up as a whore in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", she wears a fluffy white shawl, a fluffy white bustier, and a short red miniskirt with a white buckle with a star in the middle of it. She also wore pink hair extensions, eyeliner, and blush. Bebe was also seen wearing a heavy amount of makeup in "How to Eat with Your Butt".

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, after joining the boys, she wears a dark-green headband, a blue cape, two yellow plates on her breasts, and a brown belt with a silver buckle. She also has a braid in her hair tied to the thread of her headband and carries a spear.

In South Park: Post Covid, Bebe is seen as an adult woman. She has a white shirt, a buttoned-up red trenchcoat with the words "Mary May" where her right breast is, a navy-blue skirt, black high heels, and a white, black, and gold ascot. She also has heavy makeup, lavender earrings, and her hair is more curled.

To see images of Bebe Stevens, visit Bebe Stevens/Gallery.


Bebe is usually a friendly and flirty person and is seen hanging out with other characters, mainly the other girls in school. However, she has had rocky relations with the boy students.

In "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", she attracted unwanted attention from the boys and wanted them to appreciate her for her intelligence and aspirations rather than superficial traits such as her breasts.

Bebe also has an interest in makeup and fashion. In "Tom's Rhinoplasty", Bebe helped makeover Wendy so that she could impress Stan again, and she was shown wearing a heavy amount of makeup for her school photo in "How to Eat with Your Butt". In "The Fractured But Whole", Bebe helps New Kid with his outfit, commenting on how he needs help with it. If New Kid wears one of her costume designs, she excitedly takes a selfie with him.

Bebe is very much a trend follower, unlike her best friend Wendy. She jumped on the bandwagon of being a Stupid Spoiled Whore when Paris Hilton came to town and joined everybody in the new photoshop craze, where she photoshopped her picture to the point where it did not look much like her at all. This could imply she has some insecurities about her appearance, as she was also the first to snap back when Wendy commented on the other girls' flaws in "The Hobbit".

She can be emotional, crying over Heidi Turner quitting Twitter in "Skank Hunt". She is also shown to have a quick temper. Despite being generally nice, she has a mean streak and can be quite tactless. This is shown when she made fun of Heidi for dating Eric Cartman in "Doubling Down", which upset Heidi and caused her to go back to him at the end of the episode. She also made fun of Marjorine in "Marjorine", but felt guilty about that soon after and helped give Marjorine a makeover.

Bebe also has a Machiavellian personality; in "The List", she, Lola, Jenny Simons, and (to an extent) Red, had altered a list their Sunshine Community made rating the 4th-grade boys based on how cute they are. In that sense, Bebe betrayed over half the 4th grade class for shoes. The list placed Kyle Broflovski at the bottom, destroying his self-esteem, driving him psychotic, to the point of attempting to burn down the school. When Stan teamed up with Wendy to investigate the list and confronted Kyle with the results, Bebe pulled out a gun. The police showed up and Wendy attacked Bebe. While struggling, Bebe accidentally pulled the trigger on Wendy, however, she missed, instead, hitting and killing Kenny through a wall while he was eating dinner with his family.

Bebe has been shown to be quite strong and will attack anyone who insults her with no hesitation. In the episode The Worldwide Privacy Tour, Butters tells Bebe to fuck herself as an attempt to charm her with assertiveness, and she beats him hard in the South Park Elementary Playground.




Bebe's Mother.

Her mother is a stereotypical, large-chested, dumb blonde, who got by in her earlier years by relying on her looks. Bebe does not want to end up like her mother; she would rather be a lawyer or a marine biologist. However, she does seem more interested in make-up, partying, and dating than her friend Wendy. Mrs. Stevens is occasionally seen in crowd scenes including, "Child Abduction is Not Funny", "Grey Dawn", and various others. She also tried comforting Bebe in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" by telling her that she was smart and that is why boys liked her, although they were attracted to her budding breasts. When Bebe hears her boobs conspiring, Mrs. Stevens shows unexpected awareness of the nature of breasts stating they feed off the misery of boys.



Bebe's dad.

Bebe's dad was first seen in a family photograph in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" at the 'Spoiled Whore Party', but his first speaking appearance was when he told Bebe at the end of the episode that she would go back to dressing and acting like a proper young lady. He has also been seen at the end of "Britney's New Look" and at the meeting in "Major Boobage" as a background character.


In "Major Boobage", she is shown to have a snow-white cat. The cat's name was revealed to be "Thumper" in the episode "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society".


Wendy Testaburger

FollowThatEgg (47)

Bebe and Wendy in "Follow That Egg!".

She is Wendy Testaburger's best friend, helping Wendy in situations such as getting Stan Marsh back from his substitute teacher, Ms. Ellen, in the episode "Tom's Rhinoplasty". Despite this, she abandons Wendy in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" because she is not enough of a Stupid Spoiled Whore. But Wendy had abandoned her in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" anyway because she was jealous of the attention the boys gave Bebe. One interesting tidbit is that she and Wendy are on different sides in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure": Bebe is on Cartman's side and Wendy is on Stan and Kyle's side. In "The List", she turned on Wendy at the end, with a gun, and almost killed her. After accidentally shooting Kenny, Bebe was arrested. It is unknown whether their friendship is as close as it used to be; Bebe was seen paired with Lola in the mid-season 12 finale "Super Fun Time". However, in the episode "Breast Cancer Show Ever", it is shown that Wendy and Bebe are still friends, showing that they had made up since then.

During South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Bebe is shown watching the film Terrance and Phillip: Asses of Fire despite Wendy's refusal to. It should be noted that though Wendy had a major role in the movie, Bebe was not shown being supportive of her or interacting with her in any way, as she was given very little dialogue.

Kyle Broflovski


Bebe and Kyle Broflovski

Bebe has always shown interest in Kyle, even though Kyle does not seem to reciprocate.

In "Clubhouses", Bebe became interested in Kyle because of his "fine ass", and tried to pursue a relationship with him, which he did not even realize was happening. She even kissed him while playing Truth or Dare, after which he ran off screaming. She immediately broke up with him, Kyle not even realizing they were going out, claiming that he was too co-dependent and that it was over between them. She immediately went off to be with Clyde.

But in the episode "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", Kyle and the other boys notice that there is something unusually attractive about Bebe all of a sudden. Later, while the boys are hurling rocks at cars with her, Kyle tries to show her a better way to throw her rocks after being jealous of Clyde showing her, though his interest in her was only due to her new-developed breasts, which the boys outgrew due to her showing up to class with a cardboard box over her chest a few days later. Also, in the episode "Follow That Egg!", Kyle gets paired with Wendy, while Stan gets paired with Bebe. After seeing Stan treat the egg without care, she states: "I wish I had a partner like Kyle."

Clyde Donovan


Bebe with Clyde

After Bebe lost interest in Kyle, she quickly started going out with Clyde in "Clubhouses". This relationship was not looked into any further, but when Kyle tried to teach her how to throw rocks at cars in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", Clyde was the only one who tried to intervene, and he was concerned that Kyle was getting in the way of the relationship. Bebe was also walking with Clyde in "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" and was the lone girl in the group going to confession after they saw a nude woman on the internet. In the Season Eleven finale, "The List", Bebe was not against voting Kyle as the ugliest and voting Clyde the cutest. The reason given was that all the girls wanted discounts while shoe-shopping. As a result, she eventually started dating him again, albeit only to get free shoes from him. In Deep Learning, Bebe and Clyde are shown to be dating again.

Stan Marsh

FollowThatEgg (33)

Stan and Bebe, in "Follow That Egg!".

Bebe has not been seen interacting with Stan but she has been seen as a sort of messenger between him and Wendy, as shown in "Raisins", where she told Stan that Wendy was breaking up with him. Later on in the episode, Stan sought her for advice on how to win back Wendy.

In the episode "Clubhouses", Bebe dares Stan to jam a stick up his peehole.

Bebe also worked with Stan on a school project in "Follow That Egg!" but he showed anger towards her because he was mad at Kyle for being with Wendy. Bebe then became disgusted with him. Despite that, she and the rest of the girls voted him the third cutest boy in class in "The List", helps him capture Wikileaks in "Bass to Mouth", and sang Happy Birthday to him in South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid. She is also one of the few people to be shocked and concerned of Stan when he yelled out of depression. Bebe is also one of the few people to be shocked to see him fight his best friend.

Eric Cartman


Cartman and Bebe playing Silence of the Lambs

While Bebe and Cartman have been seeing playing and getting on well whilst roleplaying Silence of the Lambs in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", she has been seen encouraging Wendy to "Kick the shit out of him" in "Breast Cancer Show Ever", and flipped him the bird after killing him while playing Call of Duty in "The Ungroundable". Cartman later "pwns" Bebe in the game and calls her out because of it. However, in "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", Cartman makes a music video with the girls pretending to like his music. He chose Bebe and Red out of all the other girls to hug and rub all over him during his music video. In addition, Cartman invited Bebe to his birthday party in "Damien" and she handed him a present.

Butters Stotch


Bebe beating up Butters

Bebe and Butters do not seem to like each other. Butters calls her a "dumb girl" after she calls the boys "assholes" in "Raisins". When Butters becomes a pimp in "Butters' Bottom Bitch" he tells Bebe to make some "real motherfuckin' money", which annoys her.

Despite this, however, Butters was one of the boys that liked hanging out with her in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", though it was only because of her early-developed breasts. Bebe and Butters are seen sitting next to each other on a table while singing "It's Easy, Mmm'kay" in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Bebe is one of the people smiling at Butters while he walks down the hallway after becoming a celebrity in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs".

As of Season Twenty, Bebe seems to have gone back to hating Butters, as she becomes dissatisfied with him forming the Wieners Out movement and can be seen in the crowd of girls encouraging Nelly to fight Butters in "Douche and a Danish".

Bebe’s hatred for Butters is shown even more in "The Worldwide Privacy Tour" where Bebe beats up Butters after he insulted her, despite Bebe not doing anything wrong.

Heidi Turner

Bebe is shown to be friends with Heidi, having been constantly seen in her and Wendy's group of friends, and being invited to her sleepover in "Marjorine". However, she vomits after seeing that she and Cartman are in a relationship in "Douche and a Danish".


In "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", Bebe is seen as a member of Lizzy's sledding group. Sally is shown to be supportive of Lizzy, helping out with the team and pushing their sled during practice. Later in the episode, she is seen with Lizzy at the South Park Courthouse and then at Lizzy's house prank calling the boys and laughing. They are also seen standing by each other when Lizzy is arguing with the boys on the playground. However, due to Lizzy's quick phasing out from the series, the two have not been seen together since.

Video Games

South Park Rally

Bebe appears as an unlockable character. She is unlocked by losing the Cow Days race while not collecting any power-ups.

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

Bebe plays no role in the game's storyline and is one of the 'additional characters' unlocked at the game's completion. She is in the same medic-type class as Kyle Broflovski, Timmy Burch, and Tweek Tweak, moving quickly but doing minimal damage. Her unique special ability causes her to automatically collect all coins on the screen without moving to catch them - it works well with Kenny McCormick's power for enemies to drop coins without dying.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Bebe and most of the other girls do not make appearances until the third day. The New Kid has to pose as Bebe's boyfriend so the girls can find out who is a two-faced bitch amongst them. Bebe also thinks that Douchebag is hot, as he does not talk much.


South Park: Phone Destroyer

There are four cards featuring Bebe in South Park: Phone Destroyer. All of her cards, except Medusa Bebe, gain buffs the more enemies they kill. All of Bebe's cards are Ranged units.

Buccaneer Bebe is a 4-Cost Rare Ranged unit of the Adventure theme that sees her dressed up as a pirate. She gets a buff to her Attack stat every time she kills an enemy.

Robo Bebe is a 3-Cost Common Ranged unit of the Sci-Fi theme that sees her dressed up as the Terminator. She gets a buff to her Speed whenever she kills an enemy.

Medusa Bebe is a 4-Cost Legendary Ranged unit of the Mystical theme that sees her dressed up as the Greek goddess Medusa. Every time Medusa Bebe kills an enemy, they are turned into snakes, which have low stats, but can permanently poison the enemy if they attack them, except the enemy leader.

Blood Elf Bebe is a 3-Cost Common Ranged unit of the Fantasy theme. She gets a buff to her max HP whenever she kills an enemy.




  • Bebe has killed Kenny twice, first in "Proper Condom Use" and later in "The List".
  • She is the first female child to vomit in the series, in "Douche and a Danish".
  • Bebe is the third student to speak in the series outside of the main boys, the first being Wendy and the second being Clyde.
  • Bebe is the only South Park 4th grader that is currently not voiced by an American as her voice actress Jennifer Howell is Canadian.
  • She has a 12 year old cat named Thumper.


  1. Episodes preceding "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" do not credit Jennifer Howell as a voice cast. It is commented that Mary Kay Bergman had been "doing every single female" character "at the time of 'Pinkeye'".


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