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Beatrice McGullicutty, more commonly referred to as simply Ms. McGullicutty, is an elderly resident at the Shady Acres retirement home who was featured as the main antagonist in the Season Twenty-One episode, "Hummels & Heroin".


In her debut appearance, Ms. McGullicutty bullied the other people at her nursing home into selling crochet pillows for her that had drugs harbored inside them in exchange for Hummels which she'd regularly collect from them. She was considered to be "top bitch" at the retirement home until Stan successfully stole all of her Hummels and brought them to Marvin to mutilate her with.


Ms. McGullicutty is an elderly woman with white hair and golden-rimmed glasses. She wears a purple jacket, and a hospital gown with piss stains on it, that happens to reveal her butt when seen from behind. She also wears black shoes and has a blue blanket draped over her back. She is described by Marvin as having "old lady farts", and she is depicted using said farts to intimidate nearly everyone she comes into contact with.