The bat is an animal belonging to the order Chiroptera found globally and was suspected to be the origin of COVID-19 until the pangolin was found out to be the actual origin of the coronavirus. The Bat appears in the Season Twenty-Four episode, "The Pandemic Special".


A new report reports that scientists have pinpointed the virus to a certain bat in Wuhan, China. What they do not understand is how the virus could have spread from a bat to a human.

Randy recalls his time in China where he was in a bar in Wuhan together with Mickey Mouse during the events in "Band in China". They get intoxicated together and Mickey Mouse notices a bat on a table nearby, commenting that it is "so hot".

As Randy goes drunk around the streets of Wuhan, he sees Mickey Mouse having sex with the bat and then proceeds to do the same.

It is then revealed that Mickey had sex with many bats before as heard in his phone call with Randy.


  • In the bar, Mickey Mouse mentions that a bat is "a mouse with wings", which is a common misconception. Bats are not related to mice or rats completely.[1]



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