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  • This episode aired during Trey Parker's 42nd birthday.
  • The school faculty actually throwing Eric Cartman under a city bus is derived from the overuse of the news idiom "Throw under the bus". A phrase meaning to sacrifice another person for a greater cause. 
  • The School Nurse on the phone does not sound like Nurse Gollum or Ms. Bronski. This means that there is more than one nurse working at South Park Elementary or it is a new nurse.
  • This episode was in production for several weeks - the brief clip where Principal Victoria promises to Cartman to make it worth his while was seen during Matt and Trey's 60 Minutes interview which aired before the fifteenth season's second half began.
    • This may be due to the animation required for Lemmiwinks and the animal ghosts; one reason why "The Return of Lemmiwinks" was scrapped in 2004 in favor of "AWESOM-O" was the complex animation.

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode satirizes the website WikiLeaks and the email hacking scandal.
  • Eavesdropper is a parody of celebrity tabloid news website TMZ.
  • The subplot that Lemmiwinks has to fight his brother (a fellow rodent) may have been derived from The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue.
  • The episode continues the "The Death Camp of Tolerance" theme of parodying several scenes and songs from the film The Hobbit made by the animation team Rankin/Bass.
  • In the library, a poster for Ernest Hemingway's book The Old Man and The Sea is shown next to a poster saying "Read or Die" with a picture of a handgun. Ernest Hemingway committed suicide with a gun in 1961.
  • Token's gym photos are a reference to those of Anthony Wiener that forced his resignation as a US congressman.
  • When Catatafish first greets the children in the music room, he calls them "Children of Adam", a term used by the hero Aslan in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series of fantasy books.
  • The shoe box Lemmiwinks is being carried in is called "Konverse", which is a parody version of the shoe company Converse.
  • The fight between Lemmiwinks and Wikileaks was inspired by this video[1] of someone filming two squirrels fighting over some seeds. The movement of the camera in the episode which seems to not be able to follow the two rodents and the way Lemmiwinks jumps on Wikileaks is identical to the video.


  • This is the first time Lemmiwinks, Sparrow Prince and Catatafish appear together since "The Death Camp of Tolerance", although the Frog King appeared briefly in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset".
  • Lemmiwink's spirit animals reveal themselves to the students and adults for the first time.
  • This is the third episode depicting Cartman exacting revenge on someone; the other times being the episodes, "Scott Tenorman Must Die" and "T.M.I.", where he quickly and calmly sends a text about his therapist having an affair with a teenager to his wife which causes her to commit suicide.
  • Although Mr. Adler has made several background appearances, especially in recent seasons, this is his first major appearance since his debut twelve years ago in "Tweek vs. Craig".
  • Jenny Simons's name is revealed; she was first seen in "The List" and has remained a background character ever since.
  • The first person Butters accidentally shot in the crotch at P.F Chang's in "The China Probrem" is seen on the bus.
  • When Counselor Mackey writes 'M'Kay' in Cartman's suicide note, this is the second time he has given himself away as the genuine culprit during a moment of badness by using his catchphrase. The last was during a prank phone call to Mr. Garrison during the search for Mr. Hat in the Season 2 episode "Summer Sucks".


  • When the Sparrow Prince asks the Frog King whether he could kill his own brother, he erroneously called him "Frog Prince".
  • Wikileaks posts "Jen and Tammy: Help our Mom's are Vicious Drunks!" on Eavesdropper, however, Emily is the true name of the girl, not Jen.
  • Mr. Mackey says "That's not gonna be on Wikileaks!" The site was named Eavesdropper, so he should have said "That's not gonna be on Eavesdropper!"


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