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The unnamed Bartender is a minor townsperson and the former owner of Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails before it was inducted by Skeeter, and changed to Skeeter's Wine Bar. He made his first appearance in the Season One episode, "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut".


Since his bar's most frequent patrons were generally close-minded and uninviting, the Bartender typically served as the straight man to them, regularly attempting to water down their hostility towards whoever they "didn't take kindly."


The Bartender is a balding man with blonde hair styled into a ponytail. He wears a blue shirt, purple pants, and black, shiny leather boots.


Placid, but stern, the Bartender is easy-going and relaxed. He is authoritative when it comes to keeping his customers under control, and tranquil.


  • He and Hat McCullough have a very similar body type. Their legs are distinguishable from those of other South Park characters.