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Barney is Officer Barbrady's K9 service dog. She first appeared in the Season Nineteen episode, "Naughty Ninjas".


In "Naughty Ninjas", Officer Barbrady shoots a Latino kindergartener, and gets fired. He returns to his low-income apartment and relents to his loving, elderly dog. Due to lack of income, he finds it difficult to afford her medication.

Unable to maintain his rent payments, Barbrady and his dog are evicted, and they live on the street outside of Whole Foods Market. After the town's police force refuses to enforce law, Randy Marsh, Mayor McDaniels, and various townsfolk ask a reluctant Barbrady for help. He accepts, but is fired again for shooting David Rodriguez.


Barney is an elderly, female Standard Schnauzer with gray fur. She is visibly ill and weak. Barney is also missing patches of fur on her body and chest. She wears a blue collar and is blind in one eye.