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Barbara Garthunk is the receptionist for Dairy Gold Milk Company that appears in the Season Five episode, "How to Eat with Your Butt".


Mrs. Garthunk works at Dairy Gold Milk Company as a receptionist. When Eric Cartman gave her a photo of Kenny McCormick with his butt showing on his hood to pass it off as a missing child, she fell for the prank and asked for further details.

Later, Martha and Stephen Thompson showed up to report on their missing son, and they explained that they have Torsonic Polarity Syndrome (or TPS). She subsequently helps the couple ask help from Cartman and then the McCormicks.

Back in the Milk Company Headquarters, Mrs. Garthunk and the president showed the couple the Kelrom 4000, a computer that can track down missing children. She proceeded to use the computer to track down the missing son while the president takes the couple out for chili. After searching for days to no avail, she finally found the missing son.

At a press conference, Mrs. Garthunk announced to the audience as well as both Martha and Stephen that the missing son is none other than Ben Affleck.


She has long black hair, thick eyebrows, and eyelashes on her eyes. Additionally, she wears a purple business suit with a Milk Company name tag, a long skirt, a black belt with a gold buckle, and a pair of black shoes.


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