Barack Obama is the 44th and current President of the United States in both South Park and in real life. He is the first African American to hold the office.


"About Last Night..."

He is a member of a professional thief ring and he and McCain have planned it so that when one of them wins the electoral campaign, the entire world will become as distracted as possible. This will leave them the chance to successfully pull off an intricate plot to steal the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian Institute. They succeed and fake their deaths, thanks to Ike Broflovski, and plan to travel to an exotic island to live out the remainder of their lives. Obama, however, decides to actually give the presidency a shot along with Michelle Obama.

"Sexual Healing"

President Obama is one of the lead members in the elaborate excuse/conspiracy to justify the actions of various rich successful men who have been caught cheating with various women by claiming an idea of an alien wizard giving men virus/spell that causes sex addiction. When Kyle suggests that they need to learn to control their impulses, he and Butters are taken to where the "alien" is housed at Independence Hall. There Obama has the boys kill the "alien," in reality one of soldiers who also calls the president on the truth of the claim. Afterward, he gives a speech that if a rich celebrity is caught again, it's because "an alien wizard has cast his mighty spell."


President Obama told the US that Funnybot had planned to nuke the United States using its and Russia's missiles. He stated that he would spend his last few hours on earth watching "Madea" movies with his family. He stated that he was embarrassed, but he couldn't help it.

Other Appearances

  • His first appearance was a brief cameo in "Britney's New Look", where he was in a political debate that was interrupted by "Britney Watch."
  • He was also mentioned in "The Coon", while showing the 'change' posters with 'When?' written in graffiti, Cartman saying "...A black guy was elected president. He was supposed to change things. He didn't."
  • According to the Channel 9 news he was the reason the economy picked up in "Margaritaville", again lampooning the surreal praise surrounding his candidacy in 2008 by the media and general public.
  • In "Eat, Pray, Queef". a Terrance and Phillip episode involved one of them farting on Barack Obama, who is shown in a photograph to be a Canadian actor.
  • He appears in the crowd during "201" in Tom Cruise's house, but is not seen in "200".
  • He was mentioned in "Poor and Stupid" when Cartman and Butters refer to him as "fucking gay."
  • The Duck President replaced him for a while in "Ass Burgers" but Obama came back and appeared for a few seconds near the end.


Barack Obama is half Caucasian/African-American with short black hair, a long face, a large nose and black eyebrows. He also has unusually shaped lips and wears a dark blue suit with a tie. In later appearances, his skin is slightly darker.


In "About Last Night..." he was portrayed as a world class thief, most likely meaning he does not have much of a moral center. In "Sexual Healing", it is revealed that he is also manipulative, using the "Wizard Alien" as an excuse for the various rich men having sex with many women.



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