The Bank of South Park is a bank where the townspeople save their money in accounts that are in their names. In "Margaritaville", the bank ended up losing everyone's money, including Stan's.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Side Quests

Filmore is hiding here during the "Hide and Seek" quest. You can find him behind the counter.

Other Notes

The New Kid can invest money with Benny, who then loses the money. After getting the gnome powder, the New Kid can fight Benny by shrinking and going through the hole in the side. This is a short fight since Benny isn't a strong enemy.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Side Quests

The bank is one of the places blocked by lava. It can be accessed with Toolshed's Sandblaster ability.

On Day 3, after the New Kid defeats Professor Chaos, he is contacted by Chaos asking for help in getting money for the minions' wages. The two meet up with Benny, and the New Kid plays a mini-game to reach the next economic level. After this is done, a new gang of rednecks is waiting outside, annoyed that minions have taken their job, and the New Kid and Chaos must fight them. During this fight, a new ability is unlocked for Chaos, allowing him to summon a minion.

The New Kid can return to the bank to continue playing the minigame and reach the highest economic level. He is rewarded with a selfie with Benny.


  • Coonstagram followers
    • Benny - Can be selfied with after reaching the highest economic level.
    • Laura Tucker - Can be selfied after completing Therapy Wars.
  • Yaoi Art
    • Bedside Manners - Can be found by the water cooler.‎
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