The Baby Cows were calves ready for slaughter owned by Farmer Carl Denkins in the Season Six episode, "Fun with Veal", however, they were saved by the boys.


While on a class field trip to Farmer Carl Denkins farm, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski learn where veal meat comes from. Later that night the boys steal the calves in protest so they don't get slaughtered. They keep the cows in Stan's room for a week while the police try and reason with the boys to return Carl Denkins' property.

Starving and dehydrated, the parents send a gift basket which includes meat. Stan refuses to eat claiming he wants to be a vegetarian. He begins to break out with sores all over his body which according to Eric Cartman, is caused by not eating meat, and not eating meat will turn him into a "giant pussy".

Eventually the Channel 4 News, FBI, and Hippies show up at the house turning it into a media circus.

Due to the work of negotiator Glen Dumont and actor Michael Dorn, the baby cows were then sent back to the farm, however, due to the definition of veal being changed to "tortured baby cow", the market for veal quickly declined. This led to the rancher allowing the cows to mature before they would be slaughtered.


The calves vary in color, from black and white to brown. They all share the distinct feature of large, sad eyes with highly-visible, black eyelashes.


  • The baby cows look more realistic and less cartoonish than their adult counterparts.
  • Farmer Carl Denkins was referred to as Farmer Bob Denkins in this episode.
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