The Atlantis Casino and Waterpark is a resort plus theme park seen in Season Sixteen episode, "Jewpacabra".


Eric Cartman and Butters Stotch go out at night trying to find evidence for the existence of the Jewpacabra, stalking the local park. They capture a blurry image of an unknown creature with a video camera and show it to the Sooper Foods president, Mr. Billings. Fearing this creature will disrupt Sooper Foods' plan for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, he asks Cartman what should be done to make his event "Fun and Safe". Cartman suggests first going to Nassau, Bahamas where the Atlantis Hotel and Casino is, just so he can ride the water slide that goes through a shark tank. Having been flown over in one of several helicopters, Cartman does indeed ride the giant waterslide through a tunnel under water passing many sharks.

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