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  • South Park Studios describes the episode as "circa. 1986".
  • In this episode, a song called "Montage" is performed byTrey Parker and Matt Stone's band DVDA. A video montage is shown as Stan trains to become a better skier. The song was later reworked and used by Parker and Stone in Team America: World Police.
  • All the boys are in Aspen with their parents except for Cartman who is here without his mother Liane.
  • Cartman's trick on Butters in this episode where he gave him a Hitler mustache made out of poop is similar to his prank in "Cartman Sucks" where he placed a cat turd on his upper lip to make it look like a mustache.
  • This episode was one of the few episodes to be rated TV-14 in its original airing in the USA.
  • The theme does not play in this episode.
  • This episode is subject to an internet meme depicting the skiing instructor saying his famous line, albeit with the first half replaced with something else but relevant to the original quote.

References to Popular Culture

  • The race between Tad Mikowski and Stan Marsh is a retelling of the children's story The Tortoise and the Hare.
    • The tactics used by Tad in the final race are also very similar to those of Dick Dastardly in Wacky Races where he would usually be in a winning position but then stop to set up unnecessary traps, leading to him losing.
  • The mountain K-13 is a reference to K-12, the 61st highest mountain peak on the planet located on the border of Pakistan and India.
    • It is shaped like Mount Crumpit from various versions of The Grinch.
  • "Take on Me" by A-ha is played instrumentally over the opening titles "South Park in Aspen". This was after his proper introduction. John Hansen, who is the voice of future character Mr. Slave, sings a rendition of the song during the end credits.
  • During the Take on Me section, as the group enters the town a man is seen snorting cocaine, this is likely a reference to its prevalent use in ski towns among other narcotics.
  • "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats is played instrumentally at the dance to save the recreation center.
  • As usual, the Old Farmer informs the children about the area's backstory revolving about it being an ancient Indian burial ground haunted by its spirits and advises them not to go any further in their plans in a similar fashion as Jud Crandall did in the 1989 horror film Pet Sematary, where the character is based from.
  • "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds is heard when Stan wins the race down the K-13 against Tad Mikowski.
  • The dance Butters does is the same as in the Peanuts cartoons by Charles Schultz.
  • The part where the redhead girl's breasts are mutants is a reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall.
  • The plot of this episode mimics similar themes in ski movies like Ski Patrol, Ski School, and Hot Dog. It also seems to be a general parody of teen films.
  • The Aspen police officer quotes the catchphrase "Book 'em Dan-o" from the 1970s cop show Hawaii 5-0.
  • Scottish Alternative Rock Band Megalomatic released a single entitled "Stan Darsh" (what Tad Mikowski called Stan Marsh throughout the episode) in 2016.
  • When the boys and parents drive through town, there is a shop called KUCCI which is a reference to the shop GUCCI.


  • After losing the first race, Stan puts his skis and ski poles down in the snow. In the next shot of the boys, the skis and poles have disappeared.
  • The skiing instructor says "You french fry when you pizza you're gonna have a bad time" instead of "You french fry when you're supposed to pizza."

Hidden Visitor(s)

  • One appears when Eric joins in for breakfast; a visitor replaces Kyle's chair support.
  • Later one looks at Thumper teaching, then skis off.

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