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  • Continuing the story of "You're Getting Old", this episode helped the show "return to its roots", getting away from previous and far-fetched storylines and returning to a more grounded format, according to critics.
  • The phrase "ass burgers" is a well-known play on the name of the disorder, Asperger's Syndrome.
  • Stan's new room at his mother's place has a view of Whistlin' Willy's, a pizza restaurant frequented by the children.
  • This episode satirizes the idea that immunizations can cause Asperger's syndrome, something that Trey Parker and Matt Stone's fellow BASEketball co-star Jenny McCarthy has passionately pursued and even written a book about.
  • Wendy complaining to Mr. Garrison about the girls being forced to get the HPV vaccine is a reference to the controversy surrounding the vaccine that is supposed to protect against cervical cancer and genital warts. Some have argued that the vaccine may encourage sexual promiscuity, as HPV is sexually transmitted and many schools have made it mandatory for girls as young as 11 years to get the injection. Others have claimed that it has serious side effects including death. [1][2][3]
  • When Kyle and Wendy are talking about Stan's anti-social behavior, two creepy boys comment that they should "just screw and get it over with". The conversation was parodying "Fanon", which tends to dive deeper into characters' relationships.
    • Both of these boys previously appeared in "Dances with Smurfs" - the brown-haired one in a small role as part of Butters Stotch's entourage, and the blond near the end as a first grader when the group heads to Wendy's house.
  • This episode once again showcases Cartman's incredible business prowess and ability to build things; Cartman builds a shack to sell his burgers, successfully hides his secret flavor enhancer (his ass), and is aware that competition will stop at nothing to get it.
  • Obama is shown replacing Duck President at the end. In fact, the Duck President is a pun on the term "lame duck president."
  • At the end, when Stan sees Kyle yelling at Cartman about his burgers, Kyle says that Cartman has been sticking them in his ass. This is inaccurate, as Cartman was actually keeping them in his pants and farting on them, not sticking them up his ass. By no means, however, does this mitigate the repulsiveness of the act.
  • One of the restaurants is City Wok, but Tuong Lu Kim doesn't appear in the meeting.
  • During the restaurant executives meeting, several chemical compounds are shown as being infused into Cartman Burger in a gaseous form. Each compound presumably corresponds to one fast-food restaurant chain. Most are compounds found in nature and food; from the top down, they are:

References to Popular Culture

  • The Secret Society of Cynics all are parodies of characters from the Matrix films.
  • At the meeting where the fast-food chain representatives were discussing losing their sales to Cartman Burger, the men represent real life chains such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Subway and KFC.
  • Some movie references include Hancock and The Matrix trilogy.
  • The crew at the Secret Society of Cynics bear a strong resemblance to characters from The Matrix triology:
    • The Doctor - Morpheus
    • The male with white dreadlocks - The Twins
    • The female with short black hair - Trinity
    • The female with bantu knots - Niobe
  • The morning radio show is a parody of the popular FM Radio comedy DJs in many parts of the USA.
  • The advert that Stan sees on TV at the beginning of the episode is for an actual TV show called Terra Nova.
    • Though the advertisement describes it as a combination of the television series Lost and the film franchise Jurassic Park.
  • "Landslide" was written by Stevie Nicks while living in Colorado.
  • The song Cartman is singing while making hamburgers is "Heartlight" by Neil Diamond.
  • The final Morning Radio Show mentions Two and a Half Men and how Ashton Kutcher has taken the lead role in the show.


  • This is the first appearance of Ms. Bronski, the new school nurse. Nurse Gollum's last appearance was "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" where she is briefly seen running away screaming.
  • At the end of the episode, Stan is seen using alcohol to see the world as he did before. In the episode "My Future Self n' Me", Stan's fake future version of himself comes to visit as a drug addict and alcoholic to discourage him from going down that road.
  • The alcoholic drink Stan is given to help him see the world as it was is Jameson Irish Whiskey which was founded in 1780, marking the first real alcoholic beverage in South Park.
  • This is the second episode to contain the word "ass" in the title, the first being "Asspen".
  • This is not the first time Cartman has tried to fake an illness. He faked Tourette syndrome and being crippled in the episodes "Le Petit Tourette" and "Up the Down Steroid", respectively. However, unlike the other times this is the first time he has failed to convince people he has the illness.


  • Green craig

    The green Craig seen in the background at "Cartman Burger"

    There is a green version of Craig in the background when Cartman sells his burgers. In another shot, both this green look-alike of Craig and the normal Craig are visible in the same shot, meaning this is probably just the animation team re-using character models.
  • When Stan first talks to Kyle when he is drunk, Kyle's left eyebrow is going up his visor. His visor covers part of his eyebrow, but the top is still black.
  • When Stan is drunk in the movie theater, Jack and Jill is playing. This film was not released until November 11, 2011 (the episode aired on October 5, 2011).


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