Aspen is a small alpine town that was featured in Season Six episode "Asspen".


Aspen is a popular tourist destination, however, it also appears to be an expensive town to live in.

Most, if not all of the apartments, are home-sharing properties. These are invested by several people, who get to live in these apartments for a certain allocated timeframe. However, the apartments are managed by a time-sharing company, who adopts aggressive hard-selling tactics to force visitors to invest in the apartments, even hiring the local police force to use them as a threat.



  • "Asspen" - The Marshes, Broflovskis, Cartmans and Stotches families decided to travel to Aspen for a free weekend vacation, in exchange for 30 minutes of timeshare meeting.
  • "Buddha Box" - PC Principal, Strong Woman, and the PC Babies were seen skiing in Aspen.
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