The Asian Girls are some of the new students at South Park Elementary, introduced in the Season Nineteen episode, "Tweek x Craig". They are usually seen sitting on the steps just inside the main entrance to the school, drawing Yaoi art. A few of them are also seen in "Safe Space".


The Asian Girls is a group consisting of girls with Japanese, Korean, and Chinese heritage. They tend to be quiet and keep to themselves, forming a small clique. During "Tweek x Craig", the Asian Girls draw pictures of Tweek and Craig together in a fictitious homosexual relationship, starting a rumor that the two are dating. They are seen selling their art in CtPaTown, and when Tweek and Craig "break up," The Asian Girls draw more depressed art to reflect the way the town feels.


  • "Safe Space" - A few of them can be seen on the bleachers.
  • "Tweek x Craig" - The group draws yaoi pictures of Tweek and Craig, spawning the rumor that they are in a relationship. When Craig and Tweek "break up", they produce more depressing art of the two.
  • "Hummels & Heroin" - They rally with Marcus Preston after witnessing his presentation in the school cafeteria.
  • "The Problem with a Poo" - Lisa is seen in the school band.
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