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April Stewart is the primary voice actress for South Park, and has been voicing the majority of show's female characters since the eighth season in 2004.[1]


April Stewart was born in California in 1969, and was close to her father, singer Freddie Stewart, and has cited him as her inspiration to be in show business. She began acting at age twelve. In 2001, she began voice overs at the suggestion of Grey DeLisle, who had incidentally been a student of Mary Kay Bergman. Stewart is married and she has a child, born in 2008.[2]


She has stated "Trapped in the Closet" is one of her favorite episodes and that generally Sharon Marsh is her favorite character to voice.[3][4] She also also referenced Shelly as one of her favorite voices on Twitter, and stated that Principal Victoria was her most difficult, due to Victoria's Minnesotan accent.

April is occasionally called in the day before an episode airs to record script changes.[5] When she was unavailable for last-minute changes on "Reverse Cowgirl", her lines were cut and Trey Parker took over for Betsy Donovan's voice in the final episode.

Like Matt and Trey, her voice is pitched up for child characters like Wendy Testaburger, and she cannot naturally reproduce them. She has cited on Twitter the more "mature" voice she uses for Wendy was a deliberate creative decision by Trey Parker.

List of Voices

April Stewart replaced Eliza J. Schneider, who left the show in Season Seven. She continues to voice most of the female characters to date.

She has also stated on Twitter that when she auditioned, she had to perform Veronica Crabtree's voice, but she was not given an opportunity to perform the character on-screen before Ms. Crabtree was killed off in "Cartman's Incredible Gift".


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