The Anti-Christ is the Woodland Critters' savior, much like how Jesus Christ is the savior for Christians. It appears in the Season Eight episode, "Woodland Critter Christmas".


The Anti-Christ comes into the world after Porcupiney gets pregnant after having sex with Satan. The critters get Stan Marsh to kill the mountain lion and build them a manger for the birth by using their superficial innocence. Kyle Broflovski is chosen to be the host for the Anti-Christ, since he's Jewish and has never been baptized. The Anti-Christ enters inside him, but it's not long before Kyle wants him out. Using their abortion techniques learned in the abortion clinic, the mountain lion cubs remove the Anti-Christ through Kyle's anus. Santa Claus then proceeds to smash the Anti-Christ with a hammer. This creature likely doesn't exist, as it was only seen in Eric Cartman's story.


The Anti-Christ is a small, mostly hairless creature. It has beady red eyes, a human nose, jagged teeth, and two white horns.

Powers and Abilities

In "Woodland Critter Christmas", it was shown to be able to transform into a some type of yellow substance and absorb into whoever offered themselves to it. However, the Anti-Christ seems to materialize inside the host's body, as it was able to be removed from Kyle's anus by the mountain lion cubs, fully intact.


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