The Anthropologist appeared in the Season One episode, "Mecha-Streisand".


The Anthropologist is seen on a field trip with the children at the beginning of the episode, explaining about old arrowheads that are buried deep in the earth's crust. While the kids are digging to find other buried arrows, Cartman finds a triangle, which he thinks is stupid and then throws it away, Kyle sees the triangle glowing and decides to stay with it, which makes Cartman want the triangle back. Kyle not wanting to give it back, irritates Cartman and makes him call the Anthropologist, when he arrives he examines the triangle and is surprised by the writing Anasazi and says that the triangle could be thousands of years old. Kyle immediately takes the Anthropologist's triangle while Cartman threatens him saying he will kick his nuts.


The Anthropologist has gray hair, gray eyebrows and a short chin. He wears a button-down cyan shirt with an open collar at the top, revealing the hair on his chest, a brown vest with several pockets, brown pants and black shoes. He also wears a brown exploration hat with a gray stripe.

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