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Annie Bartlett is a female 5th grader who first appears in the Season Twelve episode, "The Ungroundable". She is in the South Park Vampire Society.


In "The Ungroundable", she is seen with Mike Makowski, Larry, Ryan Ellis, and other vampire kids in the school gymnasium. She notes that she would be a psy vampire, because of her fondness for the character Bella in the Twilight movie series.

She is later seen in the woods at the ceremony to induct Butters into the Vampire Society as a new vampire. Annie, Larry, Mike, Ryan, and several other vampires take Butters to Hot Topic and outfit him with a new look.

In "Butterballs", she, Ryan Ellis, and other vampire kids make a cameo appearance during the Make Bullying Kill Itself music video. She and Vladimir are seen holding a sign saying "Bullying is so 2000-late."

She was later seen in "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" at the noon meeting for the South Park Vampire Society. She sat in the second row, behind Ryan Ellis and Allison Mertz. She did not play a significant role.

She and other vampires in the Vampire Society make a brief appearance during the "Black Friday" trilogy, where they are seen throughout the episodes as part of Stan Marsh's army to fight for PlayStation 4 systems.


Annie wears black pants, with loose, black suspenders. She wears white and black sneakers, black finger-less gloves, and black and white sweat bands. She also wears a black a-shirt, multiple pendants, and skull earrings. She has black hair with red, orange, and yellow highlights. She has black eye liners and wears star stickers on her face.