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Anne Garefino is an executive producer for South Park and has worked on the series since 1997. One of her many roles on the show is to communicate with Comedy Central's Standards and Practices department to get a general "okay" for some of the content on the show.


Prior to working on South Park, Anne worked on another show for Comedy Central. She was introduced to Matt Stone at a Starbucks and met Trey Parker a week later. Since then, she notes that she has "not had one Friday off since then."[2]

Anne's favorite character is Kyle Broflovski and she believes the success of the show is due in part to Matt and Trey continuing to write and direct each episode.[2]

In 2014, Anne received the Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal from the American Film Institute, where she graduated in 1988.[3]

Garefino also is a Producer for The Book of Mormon, and believes the show will be around until "people stop buying tickets."[2]

Roles on South Park

Anne Garefino began her role on South Park as a Producer. Starting with "Pinkeye", she was promoted to a Supervising Producer. Following that, she was then promoted to Executive Producer starting with "Tom's Rhinoplasty", and has maintained this title ever since.[1]

She provided the voice for the Sister Ann in the Season Four episodes, "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" and "Probably".

Other Projects

She has also worked with Matt Stone and Trey Parker on several other projects, including:


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