Angela Merkel is the current Chancellor of Germany as of 22 November 2005. She appeared in the Season Thirteen episode "Pinewood Derby" and the Season Fifteen episode "Funnybot".

She was one of the world leaders that negotiated with the alien, Baby Fark McGee-zax about the "space cash". She appeared again in with another politician from her cabinet to destroy the threat to worldwide comedy: Tyler Perry.


She wears a light pink, zippered shirt, pink undershirt, white necklace, and black mascara. In "Funnybot", she was changed, appearing with dark brown hair, and a much deeper voice. She was also much more obese in "Funnybot".


In "Pinewood Derby", she seems to be uncaring as to how many lives will be lost if Germany and the other countries nuke Finland. In "Funnybot" she, along with the rest of Germany, seems insecure, having to prove her countries' "funniness" to a group of 4th graders.



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